Comprehension is the process of integrating, interpreting, analyzing, evaluating and connecting of ideas in a text. It can also be said to be the acquisition of meaning from a copy with one’s intelligence and involves making use of skills. Comprehension involves the use of knowledge of vocabulary and language. There are six comprehension strategies used […]

False Memory Reflection

1)Target Participant The false memory experiment was presented to 20 grade six students. The students were unaware of the experiment since it was conducted as if it were still a normal learning process. All the participants were presented with several false-event questions, in which some of the questions had been provided with a response (memory […]

Personal Theory of Human Development

Human nature is the most mysterious issue that people have ever been interested in throughout human history. People try to understand their nature in the context of various sciences. Today, many questions remain unanswered, and a lot of effort was made by numerous psychologists in search of those answers.. There are many psychological theories of […]

Cognitive Social-Historical Theory

Social-historical theory of the development of behavior and the human psyche, which is based on the understanding of the socio-historical nature of the activity and consciousness, considered the process of ontogenetic development of the mind (Newman & Newman, 2007). According to this theory, the sources and determinants of human mental development are at historically developed […]

The Illusion of Confidence

Sometimes, people overvalue their facilities. People overestimate their friends’ abilities very often. In some cases, people exude confidence though they are not confident. A good example of it is the seller. His aim is to sell many goods to the customers. He must talk confidently and with comprehension of the things he sells. This situation […]


The founder of logotherapy is Frankl. In this area, the meaning of human existence and search of its sense is considered. According to the views of Frankl, the human desire to search and realization of the meaning of life is a motivational tendency inherent in all people, which is the main driver of behavior and […]

Interaction Theory

Interaction is defined as the interaction and mutual influence of individuals or groups against each other. In social psychology, based on the concept of the American psychologist G. Mead, under the direct interaction means interpersonal communication (“the exchange of symbols”). As the most important features of Interaction refers to the ability of the subject to […]


The main forms of development are the phylogeny and ontogeny. Mental development in the phylogeny is accomplished by the formation of psychic structures in the course of biological evolution of the species, or the socio-cultural history of mankind as a whole. During ontogeny mental structures are formed during the life of the individual, in other […]

Organizational Behavior

Question 1 The theory of motivation (pyramid) developed by Maslow has the idea that human behavior is determined by the needs of a range of base, which can be arranged in a hierarchy. In terms of Maslow, these needs are universal, and unite for all people, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, lifestyle, habits, mannerisms, and […]

Intelligence Critique

People are different in all that they are doing, this difference arise from their personal abilities to learn, abilities to think logically and solve problems quickly and right, understand the world and people around, and to set concepts, compilations, goals, etc. This impressive list of abilities leads to the concept of intelligence. Intelligence is embodied […]

Life-Span Outlook

Modern psychology is a complex system of scientific disciplines, among which a special place is occupied by psychology or, more correctly, psychology of human development. This is a study of age-related dynamics of human psyche, mental processes of ontogeny, and psychological qualities of the individual quality of time-varying individual. The concepts of psychology in general, […]