Analysis Essays

Intelligence Critique

Intelligence is the key point that defines who is the person and what is he/she doing in this world, how interacts with others, what is thinking and what is dreaming about.

Analysis of The Lean Startup Book by Eric Ries

Read our essay sample about Eric Ries wrote The Lean Startup Book with the aim of presenting new approaches to the development of businesses.

Was the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor Preventable?

Read a sample that discusses whether the Pearl Harbor attack could be prevented or not and some more details concerning the operation and the events of that time.

Violent Content in Video Games and TVs

read essay sample about the negative consequences associated with the violent content displayed in TV programs and video games.

Deism in Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason

Read the essay sample about Deism – a philosopher who had a profound influence on the formation of the United States and his principles.

MACS Company SWOT Analysis

Read the essay sample about the SWOT analysis – a process of bringing together the most typical business opportunities, threats, strengths, and results.

The Caribbean Cultural Identities

Despite the issues that had potential to change the Caribbean people’s identities, they somehow retained a majority of their original cultures. As observed, Caribbean region still maintains a great deal of cultural habits inherited from ancestors.

Is the British Royal Family Benefiting or Costing the UK society?

Though, the royal family performs major roles in maintaining, for instance, national identities or protecting cultural and historical values of the United Kingdom, there are many people in Great Britain who try to abolish the British monarchy under various excuses.

Python in the Everglades

Pythons started to show in the Everglades about 20 years ago. No one can say for sure how it happened, but there is one theory that can reasonably explain this fact.

Gods among Men: Pride Goes before Destruction

The Iliad by Homer is a real historical treasure. The poem depicts two different individuals as Gods among men – Achilles and Hector.

Comparative Analysis Between Rawls’ and Nozick’s Distribution

The goal of the paper is to identify the principal points of John Rawls’ and Robert Nozick’s ideas about distribution justice, tracing the link of these theories with China’s social justice issues.

Comparative Analysis of Maslahah and Maqasid

Both the Maqasid and the Maslahah portray similar characteristics. First, they base their concerns on legislation. The two principles argue that there should be the general advantage for the entire population and people should also be protected from any impending harm.

Hezbollah: A Perception of the Israeli-Lebanese Border Conflict

Hezbollah has contributed to the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon; however, over time, the attention of the organization shifted from reduction of the Israeli presence in the region to enhancement of its political power. At the same

The Umbrella Movement

The umbrella movement consisted of thousands of individuals, including the Hong Kong Federation of Students, who participated in the 2014 protests.

The Oneida Community Analysis

The Oneida community of the 19th century emerged from the simple belief among a handful of the admitted members of society that Jesus had come in their past and cleansed them of any evil.

Cash Flow Analysis: EMAAR PJSC Real Estate Company

Emaar Properties PJSC is a real estate development company located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Read the cash flow analysis of this company here.

Ralph Lauren Company Analysis

Ralph Lauren Company is a widely traded America-based holding corporation that designs, markets, and sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes, fragrances accessories, and home furnishings to clients worldwide.