The Occupational Safety and Health Administration

1.0 Introduction The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a safety precaution act that was established in 1970. It is administrative organ under the umbrella of United State department of labor. The founding institution of the agency is the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) whose main function is to document incidences […]

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is best defined as a group of various health care practices and products that are generally not used by holders of medical doctor or doctor of osteopathic medicine degree and by healthcare professionals. However, there is no recognized boundary between CAM and traditional medicine, and it may be the case […]

California Black Women Health Project

Black women need to be empowered to take responsibility for their health. They need to have a say in policies that directly affect their health status. This is what California Black Women’s Health Project is all about. It inspires black women and encourages them to make a stand in health decisions that affect them. The […]

List the Structures & Functions of Respiratory Organs

The primary function of the respiratory system is gas exchange with different parts of the body. This effect is achieved through the respiratory organs. The respiratory system consists of lungs and respiratory tract (nose, pharynxes, larynx, trachea, bronchi). Respiratory tract starts with the nasal cavity, which is divided to the left and right parts. Nose […]

Health Care Administrator

Nowadays, health care is one of the most developed and funded industries in the country’s economy. It is the industry of rapid changes and innovations, great career prospects and requirements of professionalism and flexibility for the staff employed in the sphere. For graduates with qualification in the field of health care administration, the matrix of […]

Disorders of the Veins and Arteries

Deep vein thrombosis Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – is a pathological state, which is characterized by formation of thrombus inside deep veins, predominantly in the legs. DVT commonly develops in the calf veins and spreads towards the flow of blood. When it does not grow, it can be cleared naturally by fibrinolysis. The factors of […]

Health Care System of Canada

Canada is the one of the largest country in the world, with a population of approximately 32 million. The country has national healthcare system that is funded by the government in accordance to the Canadian Health Act. Canada health care has remained a work in progress since its foundation. Many reforms have been initiated over […]

HPV and Cervical Cancer

Despite the introduction of screening methods that were developed and integrated in 1970s, cervical cancer (CC) is one of the most common types of cancer. 500,000 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed, and about 300,000 women die from the disease worldwide each year. In Europe, cervical cancer constantly takes the 2nd place among the […]

Nursing Ethics

Passion (Why Am I Here?) The ultimate reason lies in my inner desire to serve mankind, to do the most honorable duty of taking care of the sick according to my ability, to make my patients feel comfortable even in the time of adversity by giving them hope when necessary and, at the same time, […]

Experiencing Sensory Adaptation

Speaking about sensory adaptation it is important to refer to such notions as sensation and perception, which can be regarded as a background of the outside world embracement by individuals. Both of these processes are predetermined by a definite stimuli influencing the senses and sending it to the brain. In case with sensation, the information, […]

The Effect of Stress on Body and Health of Students

Introduction and Research Question Currently stress is regarded as the process and condition. According to the classical concept of Hans Selye, stress is interpreted as a dynamic process of sequential development of various changes in the body during acute or chronic exposure to extreme (Selye, 1974). Modern clinical medicine and applied physiology deal with different […]