Dissertation Abstract Writing

If you are a graduate student currently working on a dissertation, chances are you have had the pleasure of writing abstracts of research works that you have read and studied over the years. This is a common assignment, as it demonstrates to professors that you have actually read the assigned research works and it provides good practice for you when you ultimately must write one for your own dissertation.

Obviously, the dissertation abstract is not something you produce until your dissertation is fully completed, and the reason for this is obvious. As you settle in to compose your abstract, remember that dependent upon your departmental or institutional requirements, you abstract will probably require four distinct parts:

  1. You restate the research question/problem and the hypothesis;
  2. You briefly explain your methodology;
  3. You summarize the results of your research;
  4. You provide conclusions and recommendations for future research.

This seems like a simple task at first, but when you are limited to approximately 300 words, and when you discover that you are so “emotionally connected” to the months of work you have completed, you find that encapsulating it all into so few words is almost impossible. While it was relatively easy to write 300-word abstracts on the research of others, it is not easy for your own.

You need an objective “outsider” to read your work and write your abstract – one who possesses an appropriate degree in your field and who has vast experience preparing abstracts. Such an “outsider” can be found with ease at Prime-dissertations.com.

Our Superior Dissertation Assistance

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