Dissertation Discussion Writing

No dissertation is worthy of acceptance or publication unless the discussion chapter is profound in both its content and presentation. This chapter, in fact, is the true “meat” of your entire project. It is where you take all of the factual data and interpret the results of that data in sound, logical and acceptable ways. It is the chapter that will prove to others that your research is worthwhile and contributes to your academic community in significant ways. You must demonstrate excellent analytical skills as well as persuasive arguments.

All discussion chapters must include the following elements:

  1. You must provide a critical analysis of the results, interpreting the findings, discussing as well the limitations, unintended results, and nuisance factors. With respect to limitations and nuisance factors, particularly, you must reduce their significance to the overall findings;
  2. You must discuss how these results collaborate, enhance or alter previous research in your field;
  3. You must demonstrate that your research informs future research in meaningful ways;
  4. You must posit logical conclusions and recommendations based upon the results.

While the results portion of your dissertation deals only with objective facts and data, your discussion chapter is your chance to shine – to show that you understand the implications of the results and that they provide a worthy contribution.

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