Dissertation Introduction Chapter Writing

When Master’s and Ph.D. candidates begin the production of their culminating degree projects, they embark upon a long journey, filled with hard work, frustration, anxiety, sometimes anger and depression, but ultimately exhilaration, as the last page is put into place. They hope that the evaluators will appreciate their work and provide the accolades they want. The first impression that an advisor or a committee has is the introduction, and this portion of the work is so important, it simply cannot be left to chance. Here, the groundwork is laid for what is to come, and the reader must be hooked by creative yet soundly academic presentation.

The thesis and dissertation introductions are critical because they will provide the reader with:

  1. A statement of the problem or research question and the hypothesis;
  2. The purpose of the work is to build upon prior research, to add to prior research, and, possibly, to question the validity of prior research;
  3. A “blueprint” for the organizational structure of the work;
  4. The importance of the work to the academic community.

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