Love as My Personal Space

Every living creature has a space; therefore, I am not an exception. In the words of Desmond Morris, a territory is a defended space. This gives a hint that the territories we hold so dear are not so secure lest we keep vigilance. This paper discusses the love that I have with my partner as […]

My Daily Dives in the Dumpster

I view my personal space in the context of “My Daily Dives in the Dumpster” by Eighner. Just like Eighner views the society as wasteful, I too hold the same view (Eighner, para. 4). This is based on the fact that, I passed through almost the same problems that the author encountered. This paper, therefore, […]

Asimov and Bradbury

The usage of science fiction in story writing has become a very common concept in the modern writing (Franklin, n.d.). More and more writers are embracing this concept to try and recreate stories and happenings at a certain point in time. Two of the modern and contemporary writers who are acknowledged with usage of science […]

Olympe de Gouges

Marie Gouges known as Olympe de Gouges was born in 1748 in Montauban, France. , She was from the petit-bourgeois family. De Gouges went to Paris to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer where she changed her name to Olympe de Gouges. She had little education having acquired all her knowledge through self-education. At […]


As the story begins, Miss Emily Grierson is already dead and people are attending her funeral for different reasons. Men are going there because of the respect they have for the great woman, while women are going there just to get a chance to see the inside of her house. Miss Emily was a hero […]

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

In 1998, Anne Fadiman wrote a book that touched everybody. It is a story about the little girl Lia who suffered from seizures. Lia was a representative of Hmong refugees that lived in Merced. The USA is a very big country. Many ethnic groups live there. Every group has its own cultural and social peculiarities, […]

The Renaissance Bazaar

Many scholars view the Renaissance as the link between the Middle Ages and the modern world. Moreover, they see it as the era that evolved Europe’s thoughts and culture. With the advent of the Renaissance, Europe was introduced to new ideas and a return to the classical thoughts, which thus acted as the bridge between […]