Climate Change

“A person is guilty until proven guilty” this is one of the tenets of any justice system across the globe. This tenet rarely applies in the scientific world; however, debate is rife that human beings are to blame for the high rates of global warming. This is a fact; the ball is in the doubter”s […]

Air Pollution

Air pollution can be described as the act of contaminating the environment through the use of any chemical, biological or physical agent that changes the normal characteristics of the atmosphere(WHO, 2012). Air pollution is a critical issue to be handled due to environmental hazards it presents in many parts of the world. It is a […]

Climate Control

Climate change is one of the worst challenges the world is confronting today. Mitigating global warming and harmful emissions have led to heated global climate change debates. The chapter session analyses the role of small and large corporations in global climate change debates and other mitigation strategies. First, their role in inherently complex, as it […]

Climate Change Analysis

Results Acceptance Although everyone has heard about the global warming as the result of greenhouse effect and CO2 emission, no one believes it enough to start taking actions. The reason of populace’s unwillingness to accept the fact of the rapid climate change is hidden deeply in our psychology. Mostly, people do not pay attention to […]

Climate Change and Social Problems

Nowadays, the international scientific community has overwhelming evidence of the secular trend of global warming, which is an indicator of climate change on Earth (ABD). Over the past century, the surface temperature of the atmosphere has increased by 0.74ºC. The average temperature in the northern hemisphere in the second half of the twentieth century was […]

Energy and Carbon Footprint

Energy Energy Star is a program that is based on voluntary principles. The main aim of this program is to help business and people to save money, and this program does everything for protecting the climate owing to the surpassing energy efficiency (About Energy Star, n.d.). Sometimes, the consumers can see the labels of the […]

Environmental Science Issues

Human activity has a great impact on the environment. Many plants all over the world emit different pollutants into the atmosphere. Humanity pollutes seas, rivers, oceans, air, and soil with very harmful substances. Sometimes, nature disasters lead to unpredictable harmful consequences. The nature and environment suffer from people. Many ecological problems are the results of […]


Sustainable agriculture Sometimes the consumers buy products that are certified as “organic.” Only the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) can certify them. Such products must meet some requirements. Firstly, all products must be produced naturally. It means that wastewater sludges, gene technology or radiation must be omitted. Secondly, the manufacturers have to produce goods from […]

Wilding America

The first paragraphs acquaint the readers with a dangerous life of mountain lions. The scientists observed the track of the lion called M6. They looked through its way from the Cleveland National Forest to the Coal Canyon. The lion’s way lay across Highway, 91. It was a very dangerous place; in 2001, the cars killed […]

Reducing the Impact of My Life and Activities on the Environment

Human activity is the main cause of environmental pollution and destruction. All natural resources are limited. Most of us use them without thinking. For preserving the environment, we have to change our lifestyle and attitude to the nature. I tried to change some of my habits for reducing the negative impact on the environment. First […]

The Ecological Footprint

Every person leaves his/her ecological footprint on the Earth. The products of his/her life sustenance influence the Earth in many ways. People use products and goods, and they do not think about the resources that were expended for producing all these goods. Mathis Wackernagel is the scientist. His aim was to develop the planning tool […]