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In modern times, college and university students are overwhelmed with plenty of academic writing assignments that are given to them by professors in a variety of disciplines. Each day, they have to deal with curricular and extracurricular activities, which requires them to improve their organizational, time-management, and, of course, writing skills. Essay writing is a type of most commonly assigned academic task, specifically, reaction essays are popular as they evaluate not only writing skills but also critical thinking and analytical skills. So, should you encounter difficulties with managing it, feel free to buy reaction paper online from prime dissertations.

As a rule, reaction essays that are assigned to students center on some informative topic and may relate to some event that occurred before or one’s former experience whatsoever. This type of writing has its own mode of organization and structure, so to succeed in reaction paper writing, you need to carefully follow the rules. Check out what elements should be covered:

  • introductory section;
  • the main part, where you provide your reaction to the issue at hand in a descriptive and analytical manner;
  • conclusive section, where you summarize the main reactions you have put forward.

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First of all, the introduction should contain sufficient background information on the topic, specifically what topic you cover, why it is significant to react to, and what aspects should be brought to analysis or evaluation. Remember to make the introduction brief and concise since the main ideas and information should be presented in the main body.

Second, after you have written the introduction, you need to move on to developing the body paragraphs. Remember that each paragraph should be dedicated to a separate idea. This is the central part of your paper, where you need to summarize, analyze, and evaluate the given topic. The reaction you provide should be clearly stated here.

Finally, the paper should finish with the conclusion, where you sum up the findings, and add some personal expression or evaluation of the topic.

Apart from being well-versed in the structure, it is also essential to keep in mind that the reaction essay should not be focused on a lot of different reactions to the same topic. Try to be logical and consistent with what you write about. So, if you find yourself in a trouble handling this piece of writing, do not hesitate and count on for help.

How to Start Your Reaction Essay?

As you just start writing your reaction essay, try to think of the feelings and emotions you got in the process of investigating the topic. At times, you may be assigned some piece of reading to react to, some movie or video, or just a record of some event whatsoever. So, if you are writing a reaction paper on a book, for example, try to think of the book and what emotions it evoked in you. What do you think about the author’s intentions? What do you feel about them?

When you start your reaction essay, provide ample background descriptive information about the topic you are analyzing. If you are not sure what information is needed here, you are welcome to explore some paper samples online. They will help you get a general idea how to cope with reaction paper writing. Apart from relying on paper samples, which may not always be high-quality ones, you are recommended to browse through guidelines and tips from writers on how to succeed in reaction paper writing.

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Many professional guidelines include the following tips concerning what a writer should focus on when writing a reaction essay:

  • The context. Before you start elaborating on your paper, you need to identify the central issue and think of ways in which you could represent the topic given. Specifically, you should focus on providing the context that will help the target readers to understand what your paper is about.
  • The essential need. Pinpoint to the significance of your reaction and opinion. Why should it be worth attention of your target readers? Make sure to provide attention hook in the introduction. Also emphasize on the practical role of the reaction expressed.
  • Formulate a thesis statement. You need to highlight the main ideas of writing your paper. Besides, you have to put forward the central argument of what reaction you communicate across.
  • Book details. If you are writing a reaction essay based on a book, try to be specific when addressing its details. Afterwards, you have to provide some basic information, such as the author’s name, the book title, its genre, the main ideas, the main characters and their role, etc.

Reaction Essay Format

  1. The formatting style of a reaction paper assignment depends on the specific instructions and requirements sent to you by your professor. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the instructions, to the citation style required, and other paper specifics. When it comes to paper formatting, you should have in-depth knowledge in how to structure academic essays properly. Specifically, you have to identify the ideas you want to cover in the paper and think of how they will fit the structure. Concerning the organization of reaction paper writing, it should consist of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Depending on the instructions or paper length, your reaction essay may also have a table of contents and a reference list.
  2. The introduction is an essential part of a reaction essay or any other essay type. It sets the tone of writing and it provides some background information that the audience should know. Besides, it is a paragraph that makes the first impression on the readers and brings to their attention some most significant aspects. As such, the introduction should contain a catchy sentence – a so-called hook – that brings a specific focal point to readers’ attention. It is a rule that the introductory paragraph ends with a thesis statement.
  3. The main body comprises of body paragraphs, where each one is dedicated to a specific point. This is the space where you should reveal the main points of discussion, the main arguments, and evidence that is worth mentioning. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence, where you introduce the main idea that you intend to convey. Whenever you provide supporting evidence, keep in mind that you should rely only on credible and peer-reviewed sources. Whenever you provide some quotes or citations from outside sources, keep in mind that you should not leave them on their own but interpret them or comment on them.
  4. In the conclusion, you need to sum up all the ideas and bring forward connections between them. In the final paragraph, be sure not to introduce any new ideas.
  5. A list of references. You need to provide up-to-date and peer-reviewed sources that can provide reputable supporting evidence.

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Writing a reaction paper can be even more challenging in a way that it requires in-depth understanding of the given topic as well as excellent organizational and time-management skills. Apart from proper understanding of the topic, you also need to plan your time accordingly to be able to familiarize yourself with the given readings, analyze the issue, find supporting evidence, and so on. Besides, you will have to identify what reaction paper type you are assigned.

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Take a brief look at the main types of reaction essays:

  1. Personal. When writing a personal reaction essay, you would be expected to analyze the issue in relation to your personal experience.
  2. Comparative. In this essay type, apart from reading the assigned text, you will also need to rely on some other literary work and evaluate them both.
  3. Informative. Your core assignment will be to analyze the plot of the story and come up with the main ideas it aimed to communicate across.
  4. Analytical. You will have to closely analyze separate pieces of text and critically analyze the author’s intentions of coming up with specific ideas.

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