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Students rarely consider outline writing as an important constituent of the academic writing process. However, an outline is a significant part of writing that can greatly smoothen the process of writing and make it more efficient and quick. At times, outlines are assigned to students as a complementary task to the main research project or an essay. However, in the majority of cases, it is the document that stays behind the scenes. Our outline writing service Prime-Dissertations.com can help you out with outline writing if you have encountered some difficulties.

So, what is an outline? It is a piece of academic writing that resembles a detailed and extended plan of what your final paper will look like. It represents a detailed structure of the paper, where you provide separate body paragraphs, write topic sentences, present some brief examples, etc. In general, an outline helps you see what your paper will be in the end and have a clear vision of the structure. It is advisable to come up with an outline before the very writing process since planning allows you to be more consistent and logical when it comes to structuring the paragraphs.

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Many students decide to rely on an outline writing service for assistance if they cannot handle outline writing on their own. For many of them, it can be a new type of writing, so they may lack knowledge and ideas on how to deal with it. When you turn to prime dissertations for help, you will get a price quote for the first order that you place with us. So, you will be able to see what a proper outline looks like and will be even able to use it for your further assignments as a sample.

If you think that outline writing is a waste of time, you can freely rely on our company for help. Our experts can help you with outline writing for an essay, a dissertation, a research paper, or any other piece of writing. You can count on us not only when you have no idea how to write an outline but also when you lack time to submit it.

How to Write an Outline for an Essay?

An outline is a brief and concise plan of the piece of writing you are going to handle. You have to enlist all ideas you want to include in the paper and structure them accordingly. When you have a plan or an outline with clearly mentioned ideas, there is less likely that you will miss out on something or forget to mention some thought or opinion. Therefore, with the help of an outline, you will not miss any important aspect and will ensure a logical flow of ideas.

If you have no plan when you are starting to write the paper, you have the chance of repeating the same information, overlooking some important points, etc. So, it is highly recommended to create an outline for your paper.

Check out what benefits you will derive when you write an essay outline:

  • it will properly organize your ideas (in a logical and consistent manner);
  • it will help you control the flow of information and plentiful ideas you may have;
  • it will help you structure the ideas in the required way;
  • it will help you maintain focus on all important elements that are worth mentioning;
  • it will help you quickly find the needed information in the specific paper chapter or paragraph;
  • it will enable you to finish your work quicker.

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With a properly written outline, you will be able to handle any academic paper regardless of its complexity or length. An outline is an effective tool for planning, so an outline is a chance for you to structure the ideas in the correct and appropriate order. When it comes to outline writing, it is not merely the writing skills that matter – you need to have some logic and creativity since outline writing is about forecasting what the paper will look like before you even have it. An outline is also used for easy navigation of the content – with all the separately outlined chapters and paragraphs, it can be significantly easier to find the needed idea or information.

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Even though many students skip the outline writing process, particularly when it is not required by the professor, an outline can help one move from one idea to the other, or from one argument to the other, in a coherent and succinct way. With the help of an outline, you can ensure smooth transitions and make sure the ideas are logical. If you are interested to know how to ensure properly developed ideas and how to succeed in composing an outline, check out the techniques provided below.

Essential Components of Outlines

If you want to compose a proper essay outline, you need to keep in mind that there are three main components. You need to provide basic introductory information, outline the body paragraphs (what ideas will be presented in each), and then sum up the writing with a conclusion. All the content that you provide should refer to these essay parts. You cannot provide detailed information related to the main body but overlook the introduction whatsoever. Take a look at what each of these components should include.


As it can be inferred from its name, in this paragraph, you have to introduce the topic, mention what it is about, provide some background information that will be relevant to the reader, etc. Remember that the introduction should not be very lengthy. It should just be catchy in terms of the information you provide there – in other words, after reading your introduction, it should be interesting to your reader to find out what will be written next. So, it is a good idea to have a catchy introduction with a clear and strong thesis statement at the end.

The Main Body

While writing your outline, please decide how many body paragraphs you plan to have. Keep in mind that each body paragraph should be devoted to a separate idea. The ideas or messages you intend to convey should be presented in separate body paragraphs. They should be clearly formulated in the topic sentence without any further details.

However, it is also advisable to briefly mention supporting evidence or some further arguments, examples or illustrations in the outline. Also, think of the transitions that would help you make your piece of writing logical and consistent. Make sure the number of paragraphs you have come up with is relevant to the content and the very paper instructions. Do not add paragraphs just for the sake of it – they will seem awkward if they do not convey any ideas or important information.


In the final part, please specify how you will summarize your paper. This paragraph should be formulated judging from your expected findings. Provide a call to action if relevant and applicable.

More Detailed Tips from Our Outline Writing Service on How to Build Your Outline

It is important to maintain a clear process of writing, so you should make sure you smoothly develop ideas throughout the outline. Check out some of the more detailed tips below:

  • Before you even start brainstorming the ideas or finding some information for writing, make sure you have read the essay prompt attentively and understood what you are expected to do.
  • After you have understood the task, you need to decide on what type of writing you need to provide. If it is an essay, then what type of an essay you will write –informative, descriptive, argumentative, explanatory or some other.
  • Bear in mind the purpose of your writing assignment. Should you inform your audience about something? Should you provide some strong arguments on the given issue? Or should you convince the readers in your point of view?
  • Plan the usage of grammar structures, sentence structures, and the very vocabulary usage – it should be easy to comprehend for your target audience. So, make sure you know something about their educational and professional background.
  • More so, try to contemplate what your audience may expect from your piece of writing and what they want you to share with them.
  • Keep in mind that it is crucial to compose a thesis statement, which should convey the central idea of your paper. It should be both attention grabbing and argumentative (or informative – depending on the purpose of writing).
  • Decide on the outline format you want to use – either decimal or alphanumerical. It depends on which one is more convenient for you.

Do’s and Don’ts in Writing Outlines


  • find out the purpose of the paper you need to write;
  • come up with a proper title that reflects on the main idea;
  • formulate sentences in a clear and logical way;
  • come up with relevant citations and make sure you format them according to the needed citation style;
  • provide smooth and logical transitions.


  • provide vague and confusing ideas and sentences;
  • write in long sentences;
  • paraphrase information taken from the outline sources only – your paper should not be a compilation of citations.
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