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It can be particularly tough for students to succeed in response paper writing as this academic writing type predetermines sharing one’s own opinion. As it can be inferred from the title, a response paper is connected to sharing one’s response to the given topic or issue, assigned movie or book, etc. If you feel that you are not good at expressing your standpoint and providing ample arguments, keep in mind that you can order a custom response paper from prime dissertations. We fully realize how difficult it can be for students to balance their personal, academic, and social life, so we are here to provide quality help managing your papers. When you buy a response paper from us, your essay will meet your expectations and get a fine grade.

Writing a response essay is similar to providing a critical analysis of some topic. Both of these writing types are analytical – apart from merely sharing information on the topic or providing some discussion, you are required to provide its analysis. Response essays are frequently assigned to be written on some movies, videos or literary works, so keep in mind that this assignment also entails a part when you have to provide a personal evaluation of the assigned work.

Another feature of this writing type is that you should identify different topics and subtopics within the given task, analyze them according to different criteria, and then come up with your personal evaluation. In general, what makes this paper different from others is that you need to pinpoint to what emotions, thoughts or feelings you had while reading or watching the assigned piece. Besides, when you put forward some arguments, you have to support them with credible expert evidence. All these things make a response essay a fairly difficult one for an average student, so, should you need some expert assistance, do not hesitate and send us a message saying, “Please do my response paper for me.”

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What Is a Response or Reaction Paper?

According to the popular definition, a response essay is a brief piece of academic writing, where a writer is expected to share their opinion on the assigned text or movie whatsoever. When writing a response essay, you get the chance to convey your thoughts and ideas of the given work and communicate the main message you have come up with.

However, the paper entails far more than just providing your personal opinion. You also need to follow academic writing standards and formatting rules. You need to remember some principles of academic writing, where you maintain an impersonal voice and semi-formal style of writing even when you are sharing your personal response to some issue. Remember that, whenever you put forward some arguments, you will have to back them up with supporting evidence. In its turn, the evidence should be taken from peer-reviewed sources.

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What Structure Response Essays Have

In the majority of essays, you do not have a chance to express your point of view. In a response essay, however, it is one of the basic requirements – to share your own opinion or evaluation of the given topic. At the same time, there is not much freedom when it comes to the organization of the paper – you have to follow the structure carefully. In the majority of cases, you should adhere to the standard five-paragraph essay structure.

In short, your response essay should contain the following parts:

  1. Introduction.
  2. The main body.
  3. Conclusion.

As you see, the structure is simple. When adhering to the basic structure, you also need to implement the evaluation part as well as demonstrate the knowledge you have gained over the course of studies. In a response essay, your message should be clear – it should demonstrate that you have understood the central issue and can rely on expert evidence when formulating your opinions.

If you want to make your paper better structured, a great recommendation would be to compose an outline before writing the actual paper. An outline serves as an extended plan for structuring your thoughts in an appropriate order. As such, you will identify the main ideas you want to express in the paper, you will decide what expert evidence you need to use as examples or illustrations, and finally you will know how many paragraphs you need to have. Besides, when you structure an outline, you will have a clear vision of what your paper will look like. If you cannot handle your response paper assignment for some reason, be sure that you can order a custom response paper from

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How to Write a Response Essay?

It is necessary to keep in mind that a response paper is composed of two main parts: the summative part and the analytical part. In the former, you provide a concise description or summary of the material you have watched or read. In the latter part, you need to critically analyze what attitude, emotions or feelings you have towards the information you have obtained.

For the Summative Part

When you start the summative part, you need to begin with writing an introductory statement, where you identify the main idea that the author of the work persevered. You need to provide some background information and also shed light on the significance of the work under analysis. No matter whether you are providing a response to a book or movie, you should mention the name of the work. This summative part should be made descriptive and informative, since it should mention the major critical aspects of the analyzed work. Remember to appeal to some evidence and examples from the very work. Whenever you are using quotes, be sure to interpret them or comment on them – do not use quotes on their own.

For the Analytical Part

The analytical part relates to the very reaction that you provide. In this section, you have to focus on your subjective opinion, specifically what feelings or emotions prevail after you have read or watched the work. Start expressing your reaction with a clearly formed thesis statement or a topic sentence, where you put forward the main argument. Do not be shy when expressing your opinion – here, it is a requirement. However, make sure to back up your arguments or claims with sufficient evidence. In this section, balance the part where you provide a critique of the work and a simple discussion.

As you are finishing your reaction part, try to provide a personal evaluation of the whole significance of the work. Analyze how accurate is the information presented there, how logically it is organized, etc. Finally, you can also specify whether you would recommend the work or not and provide arguments why.

Guidelines on How to Write a Response Essay

Step 1. Read/ watch the assigned work in great detail.

It does not matter whether you have been assigned a book to read or a movie to watch, you need to be attentive and careful when exploring it. Be attentive to detail, jot down all the necessary information, and then try to maintain focus on all those features while writing. The more in-depth understanding you get, the more thorough response you will be able to provide. Remember that your response should also reflect your expertise in the given topic.

Step 2. Record all your reactions in the process of reading/ watching.

If you have an eye for detail, you will not have problems covering this step. If it is hard for you to maintain attention span for a longer time, you can improve this skill of yours by writing down all impressions and emotions you encounter within the process.

Step 3. Organize the materials properly.

The information you plan to share in the paper should be organized logically. In some cases, it should be a chronological order – according to which the ideas appear in the given book or movie.

Step 4. Edit and proofread the paper in order to improve the content.

Be sure to eliminate all possible mistakes since they will signify of the overall quality of your understanding of the topic. If the writing is full of grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and content mistakes, such paper will certainly make a negative impression on your reader. So, set aside ample time for paper editing before you submit it.

Step 5. Provide proper references.

You will certainly have to cite outside sources since all arguments and opinions should be supported. So, make sure any book, article or some other source that you use is properly cited according to the required formatting style.

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