Bilingual Education

Bilingual education is a kind of education where information or education is presented in two or more languages compared to other systems, by extension, any type of education where two or more languages are used are referred to as bilingual education. Going by definition, it seems like many schools in the globe, use bilingual form […]

Education Reforms

The system of teaching and learning in any academic institution is critical towards the performance of an individual student and the institution in general. The interaction among the various resources in a learning institution determines the overall performance and how the objective of any learning institution is met. The core objective of any learning institution […]

Diversity in Schools

Cultural diversity in educational institutions prepares young people for citizenship in a multicultural democracy. In the United States schools have become very diverse. Therefore, it is imperative for teachers and students in schools to recognize, value, and respect people’s differences. In a diverse environment people should promote an inclusive culture for all learners and teachers. […]