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When they are given academic assignments to complete, the student should put all their effort into producing a concise and comprehensive paper. However, some students do not have sufficient skills, knowledge, and/or experience to produce the caliber of paper they feel is good enough to submit. Often, they find they have to thoroughly revise and correct the first drafts they produce.

The aim of our company’s professional paper revision service is to help students improve their written pieces before they resubmit them. Our service involves correcting texts so that the student’s final paper takes full account of any remarks and/or comments that their professor has provided. It is usual for the editors at Prime Dissertations to add more information where this is relevant to an essay and to clarify various issues, questions, concepts and/or meanings and so on during the revision process.

It may be that you are left feeling a little confused after you first submit a piece of written work? Maybe your college professor has returned your paper with suggestions that you further improve it? If you have a paper that needs to be revised in a precise and accurate way, you can always turn to our paper revision service because we are always here to help with such issues. Our professionals will improve your written work to save you from having to revise it multiple times.

How to Get Expert Help with an Essay Revision Online

The paper revision service provided by Prime-Dissertations.com is simply the best online platform for helping with revision work. Our team’s main aim is to provide customers with superb-quality papers for them to get the grades they want. Therefore, if you have just written a paper and you are dissatisfied with its quality, do not just consign it to trash. The writers at Prime-Dissertations.com can save it by fixing any problems about the structure, mechanics, and overall content. The result is sure to impress you.

Every writer and editor who works for us is sufficiently knowledgeable, experienced, and educated to deal with even the most complex and sophisticated writing tasks. Whenever you ask us to “do my article revision,” you may be sure of getting a revised paper that is perfect with respect to formatting, structure, and content.

Reasons to Consider Working with Prime-Dissertations.com

The reasons for using Prime-Dissertations.com’s revision services are manifold. The following are just some of them:

  • Very competitive prices. Our customers appreciate that the prices we charge are reasonable and fair. We know that customers will not feel inclined to use our services if our prices are too high. However, our company is also responsible for ensuring the experts we employ receive an adequate financial reward. So, with both these considerations in mind, we have managed to balance quality and cost.
  • Support provided 24/7. When choosing an online provider to “make my article revision for me,” it is likely you will have questions. We are only too happy to answer these. Our customer support agents can be contacted 24/7 by live chat, phone or email. You can even get in touch with our representatives before placing your order and they will promptly deal with any inquiries you have.
  • Our editors and writers are extensively experienced. Every member of our team is carefully chosen, and professionalism is a key requirement. We consider working for Prime-Dissertations.com a privilege and we only accept experts with superb writing skills. When you ask us to help with an essay revision, your paper will only be worked on by an experienced and proficient expert.
  • Flexible discount system. To show that we appreciate loyalty, our fantastic discount system means you can make significant savings when you use our revision service.

We offer all kinds of dissertation and papers writing help

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  • Complete privacy. We never reveal our customer's private information.
  • No distribution. We never resell or share custom papers.
  • Safe payments. We work only with recognised payment companies (Visa, MasterCard).
  • Experienced writers. All our writers hold a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Reasonable prices. Along with our discounts and low prices, we want to make sure every student can get our help.

Revision Versus Rewriting – The Main Differences Explained

For anyone who is not sure whether they need a revision or rewriting service, it should be noted there is a considerable difference in these functions. Rewriting is often referred to as revision although rewriting means rephrasing a text using different words. By contrast, and most importantly, the purpose of revision is to improve the quality of a written piece. If you ever need to have a work revised, the competent editors at Prime-Dissertations.com will carefully examine your paper and make sure it is error-free. They will also ensure your work is thoroughly proofread, edited and correctly formatted. If you have a work that needs thorough revision, remember that we will not change the actual content. We may slightly modify the overall order and/or the way paragraphs are structured but any content you have written will remain unaltered. In the event you do want to alter your paper’s content, the service you need is our rewriting service. In the case of a paper you want rewritten, the writer we assign may need to be undertaken further research to enhance it with additional relevant information.

Peculiarities and Features of Revision

Revising a paper is a crucial task, but a lot of students do not have sufficient time for this because of their hectic schedules. Consequently, these students end up submitting unrevised papers that result in poor grades. You should decide what activities to devote time to i.e. should you revise your paper or look for an alternative so that you can enjoy time with family and friends.

It should be noted that revision involves more than just checking spelling and grammar. The following are the key features that a professional editor should attend to during the revision process:

  • How a paper is structured. Good structure makes a text easier to understand for the reader. Every editor at Prime-Dissertations.com understands how to properly organize a paper’s paragraphs.
  • The formatting. Proper paper formatting is the best way to avoid plagiarism. Our experts always ensure that citations conform to a particular format.
  • Layout of information. Inconsistencies and certain issues can hinder the way your message gets conveyed to readers. Our editors will follow your instructions and attend carefully to every detail including the manner in which the text in your paper is organized.
  • Grammatical issues. If your paper contains grammatical errors, the entire effect can be ruined regardless of how good your content and statements otherwise are. The editors for hire at Prime-Dissertations.com will make sure the spelling, punctuation and grammar in your paper are perfect.
  • Reference lists/pages. We will check the reference lists in your paper to make sure these are error-free. We will ensure all sources used are completely reliable.
  • Overall content. A paper’s content can sometimes need significant amendment. Entire paragraphs may need to be rewritten. However, we only do this at the request of the customer.

Doesn’t Revision Simply Mean Correcting Punctuation and Grammar?

During revision, the aim is to remain focused on the ideas you have set out in your work. Do not forget how important it is to look for any ideas or points that need fixing. Some sentences and even entire paragraphs might need reconstruction to achieve perfection. Furthermore, certain material might need to be added or removed to make the work completer and more coherent. When revising, you need to check that your written work is understandable. Remember that the revision stage comes before editing.

To conduct a thorough revision, ask yourself (and answer) these questions:

  • Is my text logical and clear?
  • Have I expressed each idea properly?
  • Is the information relevant? Do the ideas relate well to the subject or topic?
  • Do the statements in the paper sound convincing?

It is worth noting the revision process should not solely focus on word usage and grammar. Editing deals with issues like these. Therefore, it is beneficial to get your paper both edited and revised by a professional online service.

Guide to Revising a Paper

  • When you have written a draft, leave it to one side. After a while, look at it again with a fresh pair of eyes. If any of your friends have good grammar skills, get them to read your text and give feedback.
  • Check that you have fully followed all instructions.
  • Check that the structure of your work is correct. A text can be confusing if ideas jump randomly from one to another. Delete any awkward-sounding sentences.
  • Check citations. Ensuring a paper is correctly formatted is essential for a high grade. Therefore, every source needs to be cited in the style your course instructor has prescribed.
  • Your final paper should be proofread. The aim of proofreading is to correct every punctuation and grammar error. Remember, it is easier to spot mistakes by reading a paper aloud.

All in all, revision is quite a challenging task that requires a lot of time and effort. Nonetheless, a thorough and diligent approach should leave you with an excellent piece to submit, one that should impress even the most discerning teacher. But, if time does not permit you to complete a proper revision, it is possible to get professional assistance from Prime-Dissertations.com.

Choose Our Online Revision Service and Ensure Your Paper is Perfect

There is no secret to the fact that a correctly structured paper is a vital consideration in the grading process. A poor structure can leave your readers confused and result in failure. To prevent having to revise your paper’s structure later, we advise you to begin the process by developing a good structure in the form of an essay outline before beginning. With a clear and coherent plan in front of you, it will be easy to divide your text into three key parts i.e. an introductory section, the main body, and a concluding section.

  1. The introduction should introduce the paper’s topic and provide some essential background information to help readers better understand that topic.
  2. The paper’s main body should discuss the topic in greater detail. Here, you should put forward solid arguments and support these with reliable evidence.
  3. The concluding section should be used to briefly sum up the most important information in your paper. Do not introduce new information here.

In the event you feel unable to revise a paper yourself, it is a good idea to use our high-quality revision service!

How to Get Help from Our High-Quality and Affordable Revision Services

We believe that choosing our writing and research paper revision service is truly beneficial and we have several reasons for making this claim. Using Prime-Dissertations.com is a very convenient and easy process. It only involves a few easy steps!

How It Works

  • 01. Set your requirements

    The work you need, when you need it. Every subject is covered – there’s nothing too specialised or obscure.

  • 02. Pay for your order

    After you make a payment, the one of the top academic experts in your field will start work on your project.

  • 03. Download your work

    Sign in to download your custom essay or dissertation. Need any changes? No problem, we’re happy to help.

  • 04. Get better grades

    We’ll send you the product you have ordered on your chosen delivery date – it’s that simple.

  1. Complete and submit our simple order form, in which you should indicate the areas you feel need improving. Remember to upload the document that needs revising and any prompt(s) your professor has provided (where applicable).
  2. Submit payment. The payment systems our company use are highly secure so do not worry. Your debit or credit card details will be handled safely.
  3. Once we have assigned a sufficiently qualified and skilled expert, you can remain in contact with that person via our system and receive notifications regarding your order’s progress.
  4. Upon completion of your paper, we will make it available for you to download from our system.

Should you have any concerns about whether using our revision service is legal or not, please be assured it is legitimate to want to have a perfect paper to hand in. If privacy worries you, we assure you that your cooperation with us will be kept completely confidential because we respect our customers’ right to privacy.

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