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Defining a Dissertation Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a prediction statement, an assumption you make in your dissertation before you conduct actual research. You cannot know the research findings before you conduct research. Thus, writing a hypothesis, you develop a direction in your research and set some basic goals of what you want to achieve. The goal of your dissertation is to test the hypothesis developed and either confirm or reject it. The quality of writing in many cases depends on the quality of the developed dissertation as you constantly return to your hypothesis in the flow of your research to check whether you remain on track or have already missed the path. Using our dissertation hypothesis writing service, you may get a perfectly developed hypothesis that will help you not to lose your way in your research. 

Hypothesis Variables

Each hypothesis has two variables, a dependent and an independent one. A dependent variable is a parameter that research can observe and measure in the flow of the research (the parameter that changes depending on some factors, aspect). An independent variable is a parameter a researcher can change/ manipulate to measure the dependent one. 

Buy Hypothesis Chapter of Dissertation Online

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How to develop a hypothesis

Your dissertation hypothesis sets the whole direction of your research. Developing a dissertation hypothesis from scratch, you need to understand what direction you want to choose, which aspects you plan to learn, and what particular dissertation conclusion you assume to receive. Hypothesis development is similar to making assumptions; you predict what results you expect to receive in a form of a statement with the variables (parameters).

Working on a hypothesis yourself you need to know the basic rules or how to develop a top hypothesis for your dissertation. 

Develop a research question

Your hypothesis is a continuation of a research question you set for your study.

  • Conduct preliminary research

Study the material related to your research question. You need to know what is already known in the field. Develop a theoretical r conceptual framework to indicate the variables you will use for your hypothesis.

  • Develop a hypothesis

Develop your hypothesis basing on the data you have collected and the research question you have constructed.

  • Refine your hypothesis

Ensure your hypothesis is testable. Check that you have the following points:

  1. Variables
  2. Subjects grouped under the same variables 
  3. Predicted outcome 
  • Draft your hypothesis

Draft your hypothesis to see which variants suit you best. You may develop your hypothesis using if…then construction. You may resort to correlations focusing on the predicted relationship between the selected variables. Comparing two groups you may wish to depict the difference between the variables.

  • Write a hypothesis

Remember that if you refer to statistical hypothesis testing, you need to have both a null and an alternative hypothesis.

Tips on Writing a Superior Hypothesis from a Top Dissertation Hypothesis Chapter Writing Service

Some students think that hypothesis is a complicated statement that requires difficult constructions and multi-level sentence structures. However, such an impression is wrong as a hypothesis should be a simple and clear statement that perfectly reflects your major intention in the research. Check some useful tips on how to write hypotheses:

  1.  Avoid using such words as “prove” and “justify”. It is always better to say “suggest” or “support”. You never prove anything; you can only suggest or support the statement you have developed. If you have doubts about whether your hypothesis is properly developed, you may use our online services.
  2.  Your hypothesis should show the relationship between the variables in your dissertation. Thus, it is an effective rule to think about the variables you will use in your dissertation and only then develop your hypotheses. Make sure you have both dependent and independent variables.
  3.  Make your statement clear. A reader should not guess what you mean; it should be evident from your statement what you are going to support in your research.
  4.  Check whether the relationships between the dissertation variables are testable. If you do not know how to test the variables, use our online dissertation service. 

Buy Hypothesis Chapter of Dissertation Online 

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