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In the process of studying, the students complete many different assignments. Some of them can be easy to write, while some of them require much more efforts and time. Dissertation writing is one of the most complex and responsible tasks for every student. While essay writing may be easy to handle, to complete a dissertation, you may need assistance of a professional dissertation methodology chapter writing service. The complexity of dissertation writing lies in the fact that it is deep and broad research that requires students to possess advanced writing and research skills. If you experience difficulties with writing your dissertation chapter, you should contact us! Our company is the best online writing service you can find! 

Methodology is one of the most important parts of a dissertation. It does not simply explain the methods used for paper writing, it describes the methods used from philosophical perspective. Besides, methodology section requires a writer to indicate what kind of a research was chosen (qualitative or quantitative) and why. 

It is important to explain properly why specific methods were chosen. It is not enough to say that you found those methods interesting, etc. You need to provide proper academic reasoning for your choice. 

Information to Include in Your Methodology

In case methodology section is submitted prior to doing the research, the section should contain the information about what you are planning to do. 

There should also be a close connection between the literature and methodology, which will help explain the methods used in the paper, as well as the reasons of your choice. 

There are also cases when students submit a single thesis. In such case, the explanation of methods will not be included in the methodology section. However, the section should discuss what you did, how you did it and why. It should also explain any changes that were made in the process of thesis writing. 

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How to Write methodology Section for Dissertation

Methodology is a very important part of dissertation as it can be considered as a general paper outline for the whole research process and the whole paper. Normally, this section deals with description of research methods that were used for the research to reach the desired outcome. These methods may include:

  • Surveys
  • Experiments
  • Testing
  • Interviews
  • Data collection, etc.

In this section, it is important to explain why the methods were chosen and how they helped to reach the desired outcomes. Both empirical and non-empirical methods can be used. It means that already either the existing sources and researches can be used or a brand-new study can be done. Using empirical methods is more time-consuming as more research is required in this case. 

One more thing to consider in this section is the approach towards information collection. Either qualitative or quantitative methods can be used here. However, they can also be used in a combination when the research allows it. The most important is that the method you choose fits the research perfectly. 

The other particular feature of methodology is that it provides weaknesses and strengths of the chosen methods, as well as explanation of why the methods are relevant for your research. 

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Requirements on Methodology Section Writing 

Without doubt, writing a methodology section is not as easy as it may seem from the first sight. It has to be relevant to the research you conduct and be of scientific value. For this reason, it is important to write this section properly and follow different requirement to this section.

Here are the requirements that research methods need to meet in dissertation:

  • To be relevant. The methods should be up-to-date and meet the current trends in a specific field of knowledge;
  • To be efficient. The methods used in the research should give reliable results;
  • They should meet the research objectives. The methods should be focused on the objectives set;
  • To be interconnected. All the methods should be used in a specific sequence and connect to each other to make the research comprehensive and logical. 

The outcomes of the research greatly depend on the methods chosen. As a result, if you fail to choose reliable methods that fit the research best, it is unlikely that you will be able to arrive at proper conclusions. If you choose some methods to the research, you can also explain why they were chosen and how they can help solve a particular problem. 

Methodology Chapter Writing Tips

  • Define the research approach

First of all, it is important to understand that research approach is different from the research methods. Methods are part of the approach, which can be either qualitative (dealing with subjective data) or quantitative (dealing with statistics, numbers, etc.). It will be easier for the reader to understand your research if you clearly indicate what approach is taken in it. 

  • Provide detailed writing.

Each detail matters when you write your methodology section. Explain in details how the data were collected and analyzed. You can also provide information about your sampling methods it is applicable to your research. 

  • Explain your choices

You should be able to justify every choice you make in your research. You cannot say that something was done without any logical reason because it will make your research results doubtful. You can even make a comparison with methods used in similar research to prove their credibility.

  • Consider limitations

Without doubt, there is no perfect method and even though some methods fit the research more, they may have some limitations and weaknesses. You need to identify and explain what weaknesses your methods have, as they may lead to some deviations in the research results. 

  • Meeting ethical standards

 Ethical standards are very important in modern research. This is of particular importance in studies where people tare involved. In case you work with people, you need to explain how your participants were protected from possible harm. Ethics in this case will be connected with the issues of confidentiality and consent. 

  • Generalizability 

Depending on the methods chosen, your research results can be either applicable to a wider population or not. You should identify in your section whether your work can be generalized and used for a wider range of cases. 

  • Appendices

It is cleat that you cannot add all the materials to your methodology section. It can make your writing too complex and overloaded with information. For this reason, you can present all the indirect materials in appendix. They may include questionnaires, any other necessary documents, etc. In such way, the body of your section will look more organized and succinct. 

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