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How to Write a Scholarship Essay

The process of applying for an educational institution is a long and complicated one. Each student needs to fill in a number of applications, as well as writing assignments. In case they want to win a scholarship, they need to write a scholarship essay explaining why they deserve to get it. A scholarship essay needs […]

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Research proposal outline

How to Write a Research Proposal Outline

Some students consider writing research proposal projects too complicated. However, if you know some tips on writing a research proposal outline, the task is much easier. Here is a guideline for you. Introduction In this part, you have to present your topic and explain why it is important. Make sure to describe the general area […]

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Annotated Bibliography Topics

A Guide to Writing an Annotated Bibliography

If you are reading this article, you are most likely familiarized with a bibliography list and know about its integral role in writing a well-structured thesis, research paper, or an essay. This time, you are dealing with a more elaborate form of bibliography dubbed “annotated bibliography.” On the surface, the term may seem ambiguous and […]

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case study

How to Write Effective Case Studies: A Helpful Guide With Templates

Learn How to Write a Case Study Look for the perfect candidate for your case study. Contact the participants who write case studies. Ask them questions related to case study writing. Write your case study. Show it to your instructor. In most times, earning customers’ trust can be challenging. Your main task is to deliver […]

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What is a thesis

What is a Thesis? Brief Explanation of General Things

When writing a research paper, you need to ensure it has a thesis. What is a thesis? Actually, it is not just a statement that merely provides an overview of what you intend to discuss or analyze in the paper. A successful thesis is not overview-like but an argumentative one, which conveys a strong central […]

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cv writing

Top 6 Tips for Writing a Successful CV

Your knowledge is at a really high level and most of your skills are helpful in your everyday life and can also serve well at a working place, but you do not know why nobody wants to employ you? Perhaps the problem lies in your CV. Curriculum Vitae (Latin – course of life) is an […]

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