Write My Dissertation Conclusion of Superior Quality

Master’s and Ph.D. dissertation is a highly structured piece of work that involves original research and contributes to practical or theoretical knowledge in the field. If you are on your way to completing a dissertation, you should have already learned that the paper consists of several sections that must be included. A dissertation conclusion is the final stage of your writing; at the same time, it is one of the most complicated sections because it requires concisely summarizing the major ideas. “Write my dissertation conclusion” request may be the best solution because writing a perfect conclusion may be a challenge.

Dissertation Conclusion Chapter 

A dissertation conclusion chapter is the final part of any dissertation. It is included in a separate chapter and may be up to 6-7 pages depending on the overall length of your dissertation. The main purpose of the conclusion is to summarize the entire academic work outlining the major parts discussed in the body. Apart from summarizing the basic ideas, the conclusion chapter should also cover the limitations of the research and the implications of knowledge in theory and practice.

Structuring a Dissertation Conclusion

Even though a dissertation conclusion is a final section aimed at summarizing the research you have conducted, it also has some particular structure you may need to follow. If an idea of writing a dissertation conclusion makes you depressed, you may simply send us a message “complete my dissertation conclusion” and you will have to worry about nothing. Otherwise check the points you need to include in your conclusion:

  • List the main ideas and research results you have achieved
  • Write the major findings you have considered in the discussion section
  • Indicate the significance of your research findings to the community
  • Write down the recommendations for further research
  • Develop some strong sentences concluding your dissertation

Write My Dissertation Conclusion of Superior Quality

When you write a dissertation conclusion, you should connect the major ideas you have discussed in the body of your research. You also have to indicate the limitations in your methodology and offer the implications of your research findings. It may be rather challenging to summarize the dissertation ideas in several pages minding that your dissertation may range from 30 to 100 pages. Each idea you discussed in your dissertation is unique and deserves attention, and it raises the major challenge to summarize 100 pages in 6-7 pages only.

Writing a conclusion you should refer to positive aspects of your research. A reader should see the academic value of your study. Contemporary scholars highly value their time. Many researchers check an abstract and a conclusion to understand whether your dissertation deserves reading. Therefore, after they check your conclusion they should understand that by reading the whole dissertation they will get valuable details related to the research question.

You might already know that a conclusion should not include any new information; therefore, many students do not include references in their dissertation conclusion. However, such an approach is mistaken. Writing a dissertation conclusion you should refer to the references of the theories and concepts you have discussed in the main body. It will help readers refer to the additional knowledge and ensure that your dissertation deserves reading.

Finally, writing your conclusion you should show its connection to the introduction. It is essential to ensure that all the data you have intended to study and mentioned in the introduction has successfully been discussed in the whole paper.

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Tips for Writing a Top Dissertation Conclusion 

  • You must find a balance and develop a conclusion that includes all the major aspects of your whole research but at the same time does not appear too lengthy. Your conclusion must be clear and brief’ at the same time, you should show how it meets important parts and findings of your research.
  • In the introduction, you have probably raised a number of questions. You have developed a research question and indicated the hypothesis. A conclusion is the right place where you should answer the research question and either reject or justify your hypothesis.
  • A general structure of the dissertation conclusion is as follows, you summarize the work, justify its value and significance, develop the recommendations for the application of the project findings, and indicate the limitations that might have been raised in the flow of your research.
  • The conclusion chapter should base on the literature findings and the outcomes of your research. Thus, you justify and support your findings with the reference to the sources. However, mind that the conclusion is not a discussion section.
  • Remember that some details may spoil the impression from your conclusion. Therefore, you should attentively proofread your chapter to ensure that punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors do not make your conclusion weaker.

Conclusion Chapter Appropriate Length

There is no standard response about the length of your conclusion chapter. The number of pages you need to write in the conclusion depends on the overall length of your dissertation. An undergraduate thesis may have about five pages in the conclusion, while doctorate research may have up to 20 pages. However, these are some general recommendations, and you should always stick to your specific requirements. If you do not have strict word count requirements for your conclusion, check the issue with the professor. If you have not received a response, stick to a general rule that both the introduction and the conclusion should not exceed 10% of the paper. However, if you see that five pages, for example, are not enough for your conclusion, and you have much information to add, just follow this feeling and write as much as you consider appropriate.

What to Avoid 

  • Too lengthy summary. Even though a thesis conclusion requires summarizing the basic points, you should not deepen too much into the summary. The conclusion does not presuppose only summarizing the data.
  • New points introduced. The conclusion should not indicate any new information you have not discussed in the main body. You are free to add the references you have used in the paper to refer to some authorities or theories. However, any idea included in the conclusion should be a restatement of the points discussed in the main body.
  • Avoid unnecessary words such as “in conclusion” or “to conclude”. A reader sees that this is a conclusion chapter. Just stick to the point and do not write some obvious things.
  • You may indicate your personal opinion but it should be written in the frames of the discussed topic and follow the appropriate writing style.

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Write My Dissertation Conclusion

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