Elements of Successful Oral Presentation in Business

January 9, 2018

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Not a lot of people can feel confident speaking in front of a large crowd of people, and especially if all those viewers unfamiliar people. Most of the speakers become awkward when, looking up, they see hundreds of eyes looking at them. At the very beginning of their speech is already becoming noticeable tremor in their voice that makes it clear that it is not alone in front of all this public (Bisen, 2009). Ability to speak in front of a large audience is a very rare gift. Nervousness and excitement often prevail over the cold-blooded and calm. The best solution to this problem is preparation. At the same time, the preparation of a very large extent depends on the person’s belief in him/herself.

In the most common sense, any presentation is an attempt to sell a property, whether it be intellectual property (opening, an idea, a plan of work, statement of work, etc.), or quite material (new products and services). Therefore, for the successful presentation all valid rules of marketing can be used: from strategic marketing, which defines the purpose, to the laws of the relationship between buyer and seller (Kaul, 2005). In any business the art of presentation plays a crucial role because of the success of the presentation depends on the fate of the project, negotiations, product, and service.

In order to make successful oral presentation, first of all it is necessary to work on its preparation or organization. First of all, the thread of speech should be carefully selected. It is necessary to focus on what is familiar and interesting personally to the speaker (Nicholls & Nicholls, 1998). Then it might be interesting and meaningful to others. Then the speaker should try to narrow the theme of speech that it is of greatest interest. The one need to decide whether to describe the subject, to explain anything about the subject, to challenge whether a certain point of view or to present a new version. It is important not try to “cram” too much material in limited time. Shakespeare said, “Where few words, there is the weight they have” (Richards, 1988). It is necessary to think about a future presentation a few days; during this time there will be found a scope of new ideas (Guffey & Loewy, 2010). The core idea is the main point that needs to articulate from the very beginning and if the speaker knowing what he/she is talking about the presentation will catch and interest the audience.

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It is obligatory to plan carefully the whole process of presentations and pay particular attention to the most important details, not forgetting to point out possible solutions to the problems identified in the presentation (Simmons, 1996). In order to get the full understanding of what is going to be told during the presentation, describe the main theme of the presentation clearly and precisely. Then, give a couple of examples related to the main theme of the presentation proving the relevance of the topic to date (Carnegie & Pell, 2005). To create image that the topic is well known by the speaker, it will be appropriate to describe the point of view of a specific approach to the problem. At the completion of the presentation it is obligatory to make accurate and clear conclusions. There are always showed be additional time added for the questions from audience.

In order to make successful oral presentation it is necessary to use the visual design of the presentation: show and tell. Try to find the bright, colorful and catchy effects in order to convey their views to the audience. For this can be used: promotional brochures, plans, various graphic techniques, etc. The visual design is always used to supplement the information that is intended to pass the oral route. Relevant paintings, drawings and photographs in the end will surely attract the attention of the audience (Bradbury, 2010). When choosing a visual design of your presentation, it is effective to try always to select the visual effects and simpler presentation of the most relevant topic. Make sure that each and every your audience will easily understand them. In order to interest the audience, it is effective to give them a copy of the most informative and important slides from which it is easier to understand the overall meaning of the presentation.

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It is very important to talk with the audience so that they are interested in every subsequent word. It is effective method for the speaker to put him/herself in the place of audience and decide what would be interested to hear during this presentation. It is necessary to avoid monotony in every way (Gerson & Gerson, 2007). Sparkling voice is rather encouraging message for the audience to follow the presentation.

Effective oral presentation is an important part of the business activity, which, unfortunately, is often overlooked (Adler & Elmhorst, 1995). People with natural talent speaker are rare met; however, with the hard work and experience everyone can achieve a very good level of presentation.