MACS Company SWOT Analysis

June 15, 2021

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT-analysis is a process of bringing together the most typical business opportunities, threats, strengths, weaknesses, the results of which can later be used for the formulation and selection of enterprise strategy. SWOT analysis of the company is aimed to give adequate information about the situation that company or product is or will be operating in; thus, it helps to understand what unique characteristic the company/product has and what should be improved (Jenster & Hussey, 2001). MACS is the platform that has unique characteristics and is aimed to receive profit through the organization of effective services like video-conferences, promotion, advertising etc.


MACS product introduction is under the great demand; that is confirmed by a range of strengths that the product has. First of all, the main strength of the product can be seen in its innovative vision of mobile usage in order to increase the effectiveness of interrelations and communication between the customers and services. MACS usage will help to connect people and service providers that they needed; thus, these services have not only the business context but also the context of help provision by the government and social organizations. The usage of MACS services will increase the effectiveness of communication between authority organizations and customers. Therefore, the social context and approach of the MACS is the main strength of this product. It is rather important for everyone who is searching for support or any other services to get high quality and relevant information. As MACS is just the platform which serves as a basis for the organization work performance, customers of MACS will always receive information from personnel that is directly connected to this problem. Therefore, effective support provision that is based on the knowledgeable and experienced personnel is the second strength that the MACS has. The next strength of MACS is connected with a strong need of the government to have such a platform setting. This product is very important, because it can help government to reduce costs; however, the effectiveness of its service provision will definitely increase. Therefore, MACS is the decision that will help to solve problems of both the customers and service providers (government agencies and businesses).


As any business or product, MACS has its weaknesses; therefore, it seems reasonable to focus on the issues that can cause negative effects for the process of product strategy implementation. First of all, today’s society is accustomed to the rapid changes of the technologies; therefore, the quick outwearing of mobile technologies can become stumbling-stone for the MACS effective performance. As a result, the greatest weakness of MACS is the need to make continuous improvements and changes in the product in order to be suitable and acceptable by the mobiles. Thus, this causes a continuous need for investment in the product improvement; therefore, the next weaknesses of MACS product is the need for investments in the operational software improvement. A strict range of innovations in the mobile market has broadened the mobile access possibilities; as a result, with the expanding of the mobile software MACS can face a harsher competition. In order to continue the existence of MACS, in future the company will need to increase expenditures for the research and development sector.


Before entering the market it is essential to understand what opportunities the company/product has for future expansion and sales increase. First of all, there are two methods of expansion for MACS – it is the increase of users of their services and the increase of the companies that will perform through the MACS. With the increase of population, the MACS will face the natural increase of customers. Therefore, the opportunity for MACS to expand will exist for many years. MACS is a platform that gives a new opportunity for businesses and governmental organizations to provide their services. Therefore, the second opportunity that exists for MACS is the increase of businesses that will use its services. MACS provides simple access to the companies’ services; as a result, the potential market to expand in is huge. The next opportunity of the product is connected with the decrease of governmental and business expenditures. As a result, both government and business organizations are searching for methods to bring down their expenditures and costs with the increase of the effectiveness of their services provision. According to the conducted research, MACS is the best decision for those who have limited budget; therefore, this is a great opportunity for MACS to expand.

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There is a list of threats that can make the MACS performance difficult; however, some of them can be avoided, or their effect can be minimized, while others are hard to predict. With the growth of the mobile technologies and software improvement, the mobile researchers cover more and more problem issues. As a result, MACS can face strong competition from the mobile software researchers; however, this threat can rise only in the future. MACS is aimed at performing in the market with low competitiveness, because now mobile companies are not focused on working in the field of intermediary in the services provision. Therefore, this threat can be overcome by MACS with the readiness to face competition and, as a result, to create as much product advantages as it is necessary to be the leader in this market. The next treat that MACS can face is connected with the government and regulatory issues. This means that unexpected changes of the government policies and/or social directions will lead to the sudden changes in the behavior of customers, governmental organizations, and businesses. The possibility that MACS will face big problems and changes because of the government issues is rather negligible. No matter what product or service is sold, every business may face unexpected acts of nature. This threat exists for everyone; however, if the possibility to get into such situation is high, the company can ensure itself from this threat.

Environmental Scan

Any organization exists and operates in a certain environment. Every action of any organization may take place only if the environment allows its implementation. Environmental scanning is the analysis of a set of active subjects and forces acting outside the company/product and of the possibility of influencing managerial decision-making to establish and maintain successful cooperation and relationships with target customers (Kerin, Hartley, Rudelius, 2009). The purpose of environment scanning is obtaining information about changes in the internal or external environment of the company/project/product that can affect the effectiveness of managerial plans implementation (Vine, 2000).


MACS is operating in the market with a low level of competition. Thus, the product is unique and has only the potential competitors that can interest in the performance in this market in several years. Such market situation occurred because of the direct interest of industries to provide customers with the range of effective service solutions. However, it is essential to note that potential competitors of MACS are mobile software and technologies researchers. Mobile technologies market is continuously growing with the quick changes in the used software. Mobile companies use new innovations to attract new customers and retain existing ones; as a result, researches are seeking for new opportunities to make mobile usage more effective. In order to be ready to the rise of competition, MACS should be continuously improved, gain the positive reputation, and create an effective image of the product.


The most dramatic force that determines human destinies is technical and applied science. Every scientific and technical innovation can cause serious long-term consequences that not always can be foreseen by the managers of the company. Therefore, MACS should carefully follow the leading trends in science and technology. It should introduce the latest research and development findings to its production, follow the scientific and technological progress, keep abreast of state control over the quality of products and services produced. Technological environment of MACS creates both opportunities and threats for the managers. The development of the MACS’ technologies and new opportunities for business expansion can be found; however, rapid changes in the mobile technologies and software can create competitors for MACS.

Regulations/Political Issues

Changes in this sphere of the environment are hard to predict and practically impossible to affect or change. This environment consists of legal regulations, the government, and influential community groups that have an impact on various organizations and individuals and limit their freedom of action in society. The need to decrease government expenditures for the public sector has created an opportunity to establish MACS. These policy changes caused positive effects and created a niche for the introduction of MACS platform. However, not all changes in political and legislation sector can cause positive effects; thus, it can also destroy the company. Therefore, MACS managers need to keep abreast of legislation on business regulation and be well aware of the policy changes in the society.

Cultural/Social Changes

People grow up in a society that shapes their basic attitudes, values, and norms of behavior. They perceive the world, define their relationship to themselves and to each other. People hold many beliefs and values within a given society. Basic beliefs and values have a high degree of stability (Aldag & Kuzuhara, 2002). The main traditional views and values are passed on from parents to children and are supported by those of the major institutions of society – the law, the church, the business system, and the government. However, MACS is the platform that is needed for the creation of effective and low-cost relations between customers and service providers. Therefore, cultural/social changes can cause insignificant fluctuations of MACS usage.

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The total purchasing power depends on the level of current income, prices, savings, and credit availability. The impact on the purchasing power of customers is affected by the economic recessions, high unemployment, rising cost of credit etc. The biggest customers of MACS are the government agencies, which have significant value for their clients – people with special needs. No matter how complex the situation is in the country, the government will always support those parts of the population that cannot live without governmental support. Therefore, with different economic changes taking place MACS will still have customers to work with. However, management should take into account the economic situation in the country in order to be able to adjust their rational policy of the company’s expansion.