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Top 6 Tips for Writing a Successful CV

cv writing

Your knowledge is at a really high level and most of your skills are helpful in your everyday life and can also serve well at a working place, but you do not know why nobody wants to employ you? Perhaps the problem lies in your CV. Curriculum Vitae (Latin – course of life) is an indispensible thing in the modern society. Regardless of having probably the best qualifications possible, you will get no recognition unless you organize your resume properly and according to all the standards. In other words, you offer your knowledge and skills for sale and all the employers are your customers. Here are a few tips for you to make the most efficient bargain possible.

  1. Improving Your CV

    There are a few simple rules for creating a great CV. First of all you should consider the content of what you are going to include (personal info, education, working experience, achievements, and references). Then, think of a style that will be both formal and easily understood for the employer not to become confused.

  2. Company Consideration

    Companies are like people – all of them are unique. That is why you should have an individual approach to each, adjusting your CV if necessary. Make a small research about the company and study what it specifies in. Consider why they are looking for a new worker and what they need from a probable candidate. Perhaps, you should include something peculiar in your resume in order to make it more appropriate for a certain company.

  1. Personal Information

    If you think that your personal information in CV writing is not that much important, you are greatly mistaken. Your hobbies may become a key factor in the company’s decision. Perhaps they are looking not only for a hard-working manager, but also for a good soccer player to reinforce their team. You should mention everything that you are good at, because your interests define your personal skills and the way how you are going to work.

  2. Style of CV

    Design is extremely valuable in everything. Nobody will either pay attention or remember your CV if it is plain and unrecognizable. On the other hand, too many details that attract attention may be also not good, as they simply repel everybody who looks at such a CV. Find a golden medium and think of the company you are applying – even a simple additional line under a section will help you get the job.

  3. General Content

    As already mentioned, include the main information about your previous working experience, your achievements and all the possible references from the previous working places. All the details are important, so do not forget to include everything as well as think of what should not be included. Education section is also an integral part, as it shows who you are and what your knowledge can show.

  4. Proofreading

    Do not be lazy to double-check everything in order to avoid unnecessary grammar mistakes. You certainly do not want an employer to find a misspelled word or extra coma in the sentence, so reread everything to be sure it is correct.

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