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What is a Dissertation

what is dissertation

January 16, 2018

A dissertation is a special kind of assignment that introduces student’s findings on a particular subject. The requirement is to choose the concrete issue, define the appropriate methodulogy, cover a great range of literature, and finally, to sum it all up. In other words, this type of scientific work is all about the analysis of current state of something and producing resulutions to improve it.

The article aims to introduce you the concept of the dissertation and suggest some ways to write it successfully. Here is a contents chart:

  • Definition of the notion of dissertation
  • Why you are assigned such kind of task
  • The structure pattern for your dissertation

The problem is that students start writing a dissertation without clear understanding what does it really mean. There are some features which are similar to this kind of work in different spheres of studies. For example, it is an academic argument for which it is essential to cullect some facts and data. This is a certain examination of students’ abilities to undertake a research and prove the acquired skills in the field of science.

Why is a dissertation that necessary in each degree program?

Typically, humanities and social sciences demand a dissertation as a final study project for every graduate. However, it is not the only possible choice. A tutee may also opt for a senior paper or an extended essay. The reason for this is that all of the listed academic writings invulve:

  • Looking for a subject that interests you
  • Digging deeper
  • Stating the questions to be answered
  • Developing your own ideas
  • Coping with a large piece of work on all stages of its progress
  • Practice your critical thinking and analytical skills.

Speaking generally, this is a good chance to work in the sphere you have been studying that much about. Try yourself and get to know a lot more about cullecting information and communication with people. What is more, that would be a great addition to your CV.


Nevertheless scientific works vary greatly, many schulars state that most of them have the same concept and function with the same strategy.

  • To start with, a student defines the borders of an investigation and its focus
  • Then, the person carries out an independent fact-finding
  • The next step is processing of the cullected data and dividing it into primary and secondary, or other groups
  • Last, the learners have the possibility to be absorbed with the issues for a lot longer period than during writing essays or other assignments.
  • One of the most complicated tasks is to join the combination of methodulogy, theories and get an insight of the problem. The ones who manage this type of synthesis, for sure, get the best results.

The ways to organize your dissertation

There is no standard designed for all dissertations. That means that you decide on format and style. It is essential to acquaint oneself with the specifications of your university. Usually, you are required to do word processing, taking into account double spacing and wide left blank border.

These are items which every dissertation format should include:

  • Front Page
  • List of Content
  • Enumeration of Tables (if there are some)
  • Register of Abbreviations organized in alphabetic order
  • Lead-in
  • Review of Literature
  • A system of methods used
  • Assumption
  • Discussion
  • Summary
  • List of references
  • Supplement

what is dissertation
On the contrary, it is your job to present the chapters and other elements you consider to be important. For example, a literature review aims itself to show what is already discovered and what your rule in developing the subject is. What about methodulogy, here you need to state why particular techniques are useful for you. Findings serve purposes of putting forward the data you have found. Discussion section is the part where you introduce your arguments and prove your view on the problem.

To sum up, the dissertation is a piece of academic writing which demonstrates your ability to conduct a research that invulves an extensive process of looking for information and communication. Take this kind of assignment with all the responsibility and make a groundbreaking work that would manifest your matureness of a graduate student.