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Top 6 Books of 2017

books of 2017

November 10, 2017

Many people like to settle down comfortably with a good book and immerse themselves in the gripping world of literature. If you’ve already gone through major literature classics or simply prefer modern writing, you must be on a hunt for a new book to read. That’s when the lists of best books of the year come in handy. Here are our top pick for 2017.

  1. The Ministry of Utmost Happiness (Arundhati Roy)

    This tale of love and hope will take you across the Indian subcontinent telling stories of broken lives and complicated fates. The Indian author, Arundhati Roy, is known for receiving the Booker Prize in 1997 and her strong positions on social justice. Although she took a 20-year break from writing novels, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness is a strong comeback statement which is worth your attention.

  2. Lincoln in the Bardo (George Saunders)

    This novel is different from everything you’ve read before. Its settings are quite disturbing – a haunted cemetery where Abraham Lincoln visits the grave of his beloved son in the middle of a night. However, the author’s unique approach will leave you laughing and crying at the same time while also contemplating about the meaning of your life.

  3. Priestdaddy (Patricia Lockwood)

    Patricia Lockwood is one of those people whose life makes a great book. Her childhood and adulthood stories in the memoir Priestdaddy will make you appreciate your ordinary parents and typical lifestyle. Told with brilliant wit and poetic language, this book is a refreshing example of memoirs that you’ll read like a gripping fiction.

  4. Exit West (Mohsin Hamid)

    This book tells a story of love tested by war in the Middle East. A young couple decides to seek safety in the West and eventually tries to overcome all obstacles on their way. The novel makes you look at lives of refugees from the inside and sympathize to their hardships.

  5. The Impossible Fortress (Jason Rekulak)

    If you’re looking for an easy read that will still leave you in awe, this book is your solution. This coming-of-age story about making a choice between first love and friends will become a good book for a relaxing evening and will make you think back to your early teenage years. In addition, the story is set in 1980s so the timing gives it a good nostalgic vibe.

  6. Hunger: a Memoir of (My) Body (Roxane Gay)

    This strikingly honest book gives an insight into a mind of a sexual assault victim. In order to appear unattractive and thus save herself from any possible dangers of that kind, the author tells a story of how she intentionally gained weight. This complex description of violence, self-esteem, weight issues and social reception tangles all these problematic topics into one and makes you look differently at them and accept others and yourself with less judgment.

These six books are just a few examples of great literature that appeared this year. Stay tuned for more reading recommendations.