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Top 5 Ways to Become a Fashion Model

model girl

November 3, 2017

In case you’re wondering how to become a fashion model and don’t know where to start, this article will be a great starting point for you. Even though there is so much relevant information in the books, websites, magazines, forums and other sources it may be too overwhelming for a person who’s just beginning to pave their path. This is why we have gathered top 5 tips in this article!

  1. Have Basic Snapshots

    Making basic snapshots is the number one step that you need to take if you want to become a fashion model. A photo with your face (with a smile and without it), back shot and full length shot and right and left profiles of your body and face will be needed. You can wear tight jeans and a basic tank top and if you’re comfortable about making a photo in the swimsuit – do it as well. Your photos need to showcase the fitness of your body. For male models it is advisable to have at least one photo without a shirt.

  2. Find a Scout or Professional Model Agent to Evaluate You

    Most of the time people who think they can be models were prettiest in school or they’ve heard compliments from their relatives or friends. While it’s a good start, you can’t be sure that your appearance is what model agencies are looking for. That’s why potential fashion model needs to get a proper evaluation. How to get this kind of an evaluation? Understand the level of the scout and model that you ask for help and also understand what their true motive is when they tell you that you can or can’t be a model.

  3. Get Exposure

    Very often agencies have narrow specialization – they represent only commercial models, or only plus-size models or child models or editorial models etc. If your target agency doesn’t want to represent you – no problem! You always can try another agency and see as many agents as it’s possible. You can either attend open calls or send your photos via e-mail, depending on where you live and your opportunities. In any case, don’t forget that agencies receive thousands of photos on a daily basis. In order to increase your chances of being noticed it is advisable to be in touch with people who have connections and experience.

  4. Understand What Modeling Market Fits You Best

    Market means a geographical location where the model can work and earn money. To put it simple Paris is “market”, Berlin is “market”, New York is “market” etc. The market can also mean the modeling category such as – plus market, commercial market, fashion market and other types of market. An experienced agent can help you to choose the most appropriate market for your type of appearance and personal goals.

  5. Be Persistent

    Like with any other sphere of life – in order to achieve something you need to be very persistent and determined. Did you know that Gisele Bundchen was rejected over 40 times before she found an agency? Don’t think that your dreams will come true in a couple of months.

Dreams don’t work if you aren’t working!