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Movies That Will Give You Warm And Fuzzy Feelings Ready For Autumn


September 15, 2017

  1. When Harry Met Sally

    This is one of the most interesting autumn films because it is able to get me in the mood thanks to the fascinating plot. The main idea of it is the story of two friends who became lovers in the long run. From my point of view, the soundtrack to the film can put everybody in the mood. In addition, the humor is relevant and attention-grabbing. A fall movie cannot be called like that if it doesn’t include lots of leaves as well as clothes that look really cozy.

  2. Autumn in New York

    This film is considered to be an obscure one. Its main actors are Richard Gere, Winona Ryder. Autumn in New York is about romance between these two people. The movie would be undoubtedly successful in getting you into the autumn mood since the setting is in New York, numerous references to fall… All you should do is lie comfortably on your couch, drinking hot coco, and admiring the film.

  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    This film can always give you fall feelings once you look at Hagrid’s hut and many pumpkins. Frankly speaking, I could watch Harry Potter Series during the whole year but autumn is believed to be the best season for them. Useful suggestion would be to put on a few candles, have a hot drink, cozy up on your sofa, and watch Harry, Ron, Hermione while the weather outside is rainy, windy.

  4. Stepmom

    In fact, Stepmom is one of the movies that I consider to be the best ones and worth watching. In spite of the fact that it is quite sad, I like observing leaves falling. Actually, I even used to have a dream regarding leaving in Connecticut in autumn season of the year.

  5. Hocus Pocus

    As soon as fall hits, you ought to switch on this movie. Personally for me autumn means Halloween, getting warm which is epitomized in that movie. As a matter of fact, I prefer watching it every autumn.

  6. You’ve Got Mail

    you've got mail
    Even though the film is developed throughout the whole year, the scenes set in fall are certainly the best. I must admit, they are charming. It’s interesting to observe the way she decides to decorate the shop for Halloween and how he comes to the coffee shop in order to meet her. It appears rather magical and mysterious.

  7. Rudy

    Although you might not like Notre Dame, but find an eye-catching underdog story and college football interesting, you are obliged to take your time and watch this movie. Apart from that, Notre Dame is famous for its beautiful sceneries that are especially attractive in the fall. So, don’t miss an opportunity to watch Rudy and you will remember this film forever.