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How to Write a Song in 6 Steps

writing a song

September 21, 2017

Is the process of writing a song an inborn talent or can be grasped by anyone who has a desire? The key word here is “a desire”;, a mean of work without which success can’t be achieved. It’s not necessary even to have a musical education but to have that burning desire to create like people of natural gifts like Errol Garner, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain and others had. In case you feel like creating a song but don’t know from where to begin, read on the following steps to start the ball rolling.

  1. Learn the structure

    Before you initiate the writing process itself, it would be great to get acquainted with the rudiments of a song structure, which may have various forms of expression. Such parts as the intro (describes the mood and the setting of a song), the verse (a part, which moves your story forward), the chorus (the catchiest part of a song, which tells what is a lyrics about), the bridge (shifts between volume, rhythm and instrumentation, what makes a song more interesting) and the out compose the formula of each song. Pre-chorus and refrain are additional parts of a song aimed at making it more contrasting. The success of a song depends on a derivation of a unique formula out of mentioned parts.

  2. Learn the basic guitar cords

    To write a melody for a song you need either ask for help someone who plays some musical instrument or learn to play at least the guitar on your own. It won’t be too hard if you are really keen on music. Moreover, most of the popular songs are built on a quite easy to memorize I-IV-V guitar cords progression.

  3. Follow your music idol

    Listening to the music of your favorite bands and singers will help you in shaping your own musical style, becoming more technical in a harmonious arrangement of the rhythm and melody as well as supplementing your song with appropriate lyrics.

  4. Keep on practicing

    You won’t move on from the place you are right now, simply willing to write a song. To actually do this, a person needs to put a lot of efforts and spend a lot of time on practicing the learned theory. To become a good songs writer, you always need to develop the obtained skills and improve them in a way you work on your songs, their lyrics, rhythm, structure till the moment they are perfect. The word “songs”; is used in plural to emphasize the importance of writing a lot of them in order to become good at creating at least one worthy song.

  5. Stay prepared

    Always have a pen and a piece of paper in case your muse takes you by surprise. You never know when the wind of inspiration will blow on your street, so it’s better to be prepared to note some ideas immediately, not to forget them.

  6. Try to be genuine

    Finally, write about something you’ve experienced, felt or went through to be more realistic and make others penetrate with your emotions.

Although, there is no single formula for writing a good song as this creative process is quite unpredictable and requires individual approach. While following our tips on how to write a song it will be easier for you to start accomplishing this task and stay inspired. Remember that practice makes it perfect. Never stop on the halfway to your dreams.