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How to Write a Philosophy Paper – A Brief Guide

writing a philosophy paper

October 13, 2017

Completing a philosophical essay can be quite a tricky task. Unlike other subjects, philosophy requires a really peculiar way of thinking that should be organized properly and with a specific structure. In order to obtain the necessary skills of writing a philosophy essay, here are a few useful quick tips to stick to.

Learning to Write a Philosophy Essay

  1. Online Research

    Surfing the Internet searching for the necessary information is probably the best way of looking for the essay material. As soon as you understand what sources are the most valuable to study, you may then head to the local library for the necessary books.

  2. Information Stocking

    The amount of information found can be so great that it is important to structure it accordingly and systematically. Here, modern technologies will always become rewarding – just a simple application may save so much of your time that you will wonder why it is so easy. You should definitely try Mendeley, Bookends or Biblioscape.

  3. Brainstorming

    Ideas always come and go and you never know when you get the one that you really need. That is why, you should definitely take your time, sit down and try to remember everything about the topic and note it. Perhaps some ideas may first seem unnecessary, but after some analysis, you may sort out them to be genius ones.

  4. Outline and Thesis

    For the philosophy term paper, you cannot dispense without two key factors – outline and thesis statement. Focus on the main arguments and finish the structure of your essay. What is more important, think hard over the last sentence in your introduction, which is a thesis statement. A thorough thesis almost guarantees the half of your mark for the essay.

  5. Introduction

    In the beginning of your paper, you should briefly explain why you have chosen to describe this topic and of course interest your readers with an adorable hook – some unknown facts, a quote or at least a rhetorical question. Even a simple sentence, if it is properly written, can make a reader pay attention to the entire essay.

  6. Paragraph Structure

    The most popular (as well as the most effective) way to organize your main body is dividing each of your main paragraphs into three parts. First, you shortly talk about the paragraph in general, then provide all arguments and their supporting statements and finally briefly summarize what you have just described. Such a structure is called hamburger and is successfully used in almost all essays.

  7. Unique Content

    It is required that more than a half of the word count of the essay were your own ideas. Plagiarism is a plague of modern academic world and is severely punished if noticed. Therefore, try to use your own thoughts not to get trapped and fail the entire essay.

  8. Conclusion

    Concerning the conclusion, you should not mention new information – just briefly summarize everything that you have been discussing before. Also, you can talk about the future possibilities of the chosen topic. Maybe you or your descendants will continue your work and will finish what you have begun.