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How to Plan Dissertation

dissertation writing

December 27, 2017

Realizing the difficulty of the task, which we have to complete, often makes people procrastinate the moment of the beginning of the preparation and implementation. Though, the truth is that you never know what you can do until you try. And, in our case, the best helper in proceeding to the overwhelming process of writing a dissertation is creating a thorough dissertation plan, which will serve as a guide to achieving the most daunting undergraduate goal.

To turn a burdensome task of writing a dissertation into a manageable one, an undergraduate should know how to plan a dissertation, so that the result of his or her work will meet the expectations.

  1. Choose a topic you are interested in.

    It is always easier to work on something if you really enjoy it. For this reason, it is crucial to select a topic that maximally corresponds with the field of your interest. Make sure that the subject of your dissertation research both has good research ground and grasps your attention.

  2. Come up with a working title for your dissertation; explain what will be investigated and discussed, and with the help of which particular approach.

    Before you start creating the outline of your dissertation and narrowing it to particular points, ask for your supervisor’s feedback. It is important to agree on necessary aspects and approaches, which you’ll have to use to introduce the line of inquiry of the topic in your dissertation. Don’t be afraid to slightly change the approved plan of your dissertation. Though, don’t get carried away too much. Be ready that the best and unique ideas may come to your head during the processing that huge amount of information you’ve collected for the theoretical and practical parts of your paper. Also, remember to consult with your supervisor any time you make changes.

  3. Perfect your dissertation outline.

    Like any other kind of academic paper, your dissertation has to consist of three main parts, which are introduction, main part and conclusion. However, taking into consideration the fact that dissertation stipulates detailed statement of facts, analysis of statistics, concepts and theories, each main part should be consequently divided into subchapters. The main purpose of these subchapters is to define, state, examine, explain and summarize all what you are going to say.

  4. Keep track of the necessary sources.

    As you already know, planning and writing a dissertation is an unwieldy task, which requires a lot of attention, research, and dealing with an overwhelming number of sources. Compile the list of useful sources during the planning stage, so that you can easily retrieve the necessary information while writing drafts of your dissertation.

To cut a long story short, the best way to finally start working on your dissertation is to create a robust plan of your writing process, which will keep you directed and focused on the main aspects of your topic. Spend time on working out a good plan, to accept your dissertation writing process as a rewarding task rather than a burdensome to-complete obligation.