Technology is Making Communication Easier

Modern life is impossible without technology. Everyone is used to quickly find what he/she needs, and anything less will not be agreed. Modern technologies have penetrated all spheres of day to day life, but everyone does not even think about it. No matter how the person feels about them, it’s a given, from which no escape.

Technology made it easier to find information. How do people choose a restaurant 10 years ago: they called friends and interested in the opinion of local residents. Today, the answer almost any question you can find online (Lévy and Bononno, 1998). How reliable information found – that is another question. But the fact remains – with any questions, starting with a search for the restaurant and ending search for the meaning of life, we call out to friends and acquaintances, and to Google or Yahoo.

Technology helps to maintain contact. It’s a well known fact, but it was all for it. Social networking is so popular that it is even hard imagine how people lived without them. Lovers who are at a distance from each other, the students who are studying away from home, people who find each other again years later – it is grateful to all social networks and instant messaging systems, because they reduce the distance and make communication easier.

Technologies blur the boundaries. Technology is available mostly to everyone. Most of people in this planet can all enjoy their benefits, regardless of gender, age or religion. On the Internet, the person can freely express his/her opinion. It is indispensable for education and business. And for many of people the Internet is a window to the world (Holmes, 2005). Today, from the comfort of home, a person can “visit” every corner of the world. Modern technology helps to overcome language barriers, time zones and cross-cultural differences. Technology makes the world a better place to live. However, is it really as good as it sounds.

The virtual world is killing live communication. Social networking destroys normal lives of children. Most of people cannot break away from the smartphone, crossing the street, meet and agree to date via the Internet, write to during dinner with “real” people. These days, it has become the norm. Of course, the social network is an indispensable thing for business, but how much of the person’s 500 friends on Facebook’e will come to help in time of need? Many adults and teenagers are addicted to computer games, becoming irritable compulsive gambling. For immature child’s mind games on the Internet cause irreparable harm and pull the teenager from the virtual world at times almost impossible (Tregeagle and Darcy, 2008).

Computer, television and smartphones have replaced for modern man to ordinary communication. High-tech gadgets are not only made their way into the living room and study, but also in the bedroom. Technologies seriously alter the atmosphere in the house, both in a positive way, and in the negative one. Couples prefer to spend the evening in front of the computer and the TV, rather than cook dinner together and communicate.

Virtual friendship replaces the real one, but it is a substitute. “About a third of the surveyed young Britons said that they prefer to talk with a friend online, rather than come to visit him/her” (Yen and Chou, 2001). Meanwhile, as determined by physicians in actual meetings with interlocutors oxytocin hormone is necessary for normal heart function. As for retirees, they are increasingly being left to themselves, isolated from children. The nature of the family is changing.

New technologies are like a double-edged sword. On the one hand they facilitate communication, with other – drive people computer space. People need to extract the maximum benefit from the worldwide development and new technologies, obtaining information and applying it to the case. People should rejoice in being able to communicate with relatives and friends who cannot meet and participate in all meeting with friends in order to taste the real communication. People have to use the Internet as a reliable all-knowing teacher, eliminating everything that takes away precious time.