Cyber Security

Question 1:

The nature of cyber-crime will most likely differ in various aspects depending on where it is committed by whom, for what reasons and how it is done. All these variables must be taken care of when the company feels that it is under cyber thereat or attack. For a company to align itself in an appropriate way, it must undertake deliberate decisions to analyze each situation (Amoroso, 2007). Understanding the timeliness, the rationale and the hacking system used will have a direct impact in the company’s decision-making in a number of ways. First, it will allow the company to understand where these defaults occur and thus enable the establishment of the correct measures (Icove, Seger & VonStorch, 1995). The company must include its employees by informing them of such an occurrence and educating them on proper actions under such circumstances. The company must also share this with law enforcement agencies as a way of acknowledging the existence of such threats and shaping the way forward. It is quite impractical that the company would handle cyber-crime on its own.

Question 2:

In this situation, a number of actions ought to have been taken. Firstly, Worldwide Global seems to have trusted so much in it system that the threats by The Void dint seem possible. However, engaging the law enforcers at this point must have slowed down the hackers plans. Engaging elected officials under such circumstances would have been an important action considering that they are part of the law making processes (Lehtinen, Gangemi, & Russell, 2006). The situation is unique in its own ways, and for The Void to have acted in such a ruthless manner, there must have been legal loopholes they were aware of (Westby, 2004). It is important that the company engages concerned individuals when the matter is uncontrollably in the public domain to reassure them that these concerns are being addressed.