Digital Divide

Emerge of new information technologies provide new ways of living for young population. Most of all, new developments in information technology are directed to the high-income rather than low-income population (James, 2003). Hence, new issues about digital inequality of racial, ethnic and socioeconomic conditions arise and, accordingly, solutions to smooth the divide, or bridge it, […]

Wireless Technology

The idea of wireless data is far not new. In 1901, Guglielmo Marconi established telegraph communication between the ship and the coast. Nowadays digital wireless technologies are more powerful; but they are based on same idea. The changes that happened in wireless technology for the last five years and the future of this technology are […]

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is perhaps is the future of industrialization in the world in years to come. This will happen when technology have provided with reactors that guarantee higher safety to the public and the environment. After the above have been achieved, various countries will enjoy large amounts of energy to drive further the industrialization as […]

Technological Advances

Nowadays, healthcare delivery system of the US is entirely criticized by medical staff and patients for its incompleteness, inconsistency and low level of efficiency. Furthermore, the price of medical services has risen rapidly regarding to the highly established standards and demands, implementation of innovation technologies and achievements, some issues in economic policy (for instance, inflation), […]

Technology is Making Communication Easier

Modern life is impossible without technology. Everyone is used to quickly find what he/she needs, and anything less will not be agreed. Modern technologies have penetrated all spheres of day to day life, but everyone does not even think about it. No matter how the person feels about them, it’s a given, from which no […]

Cyber Security

Question 1: The nature of cyber-crime will most likely differ in various aspects depending on where it is committed by whom, for what reasons and how it is done. All these variables must be taken care of when the company feels that it is under cyber thereat or attack. For a company to align itself […]

Influence of Technology on Communication

Modern information and communication technologies affect the changes in society. Along with globalization, the researchers discovered a new vector of the transformation of society to commit – “virtualization”, that means the transition key activities in the virtual space of the Internet. Information and communication activities of people moved to interact online. Despite the fact that […]