International Workers

January 10, 2017

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The European nations act as a destination for most individuals looking for work or refugees. Most of the immigrants came from Asian countries, mostly China, as a result of political upheavals and economic reasons. These immigrants remained even after the situation in their home country had normalized. Africans also had an equal share in taking refuge in the European countries and mostly the United Kingdom. These immigrants were absorbed by the job market, some in the formal sector and the majority in the informal (Haas 2006).

Background Information

This study takes an example of Nigeria and Cameroon in analysing the cross-cultural aspects of Africans working in the United Kingdom. Both Nigerians and Cameroonians migrated into the United Kingdom due to economic reasons or political reasons. Cameroon’s immigrants favoured those countries that already had other Cameroon’s nationals. The number of Africans seeking employment in the United Kingdom was high in the period between 1997 and 2002. The United Kingdom employed more nurses and doctors from African states (David nd).

Due to political and economic conditions, Cameroon lost most of its professionals in the field of health through emigration. Asylum also contributed to immigration by Africans into the United Kingdom. The period from 1990 has seen most African countries experience social and political unrests. This contributed to the skyrocketing number of Africans seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. The presence of many immigrants from different states has resulted in a culture with diverse views and ideas. The cross-cultural relation at times becomes difficult due to the differences in these cultures. There exist variations in the community, as depicted by Hofstede. Factors such as power distance and individualism-collectivism add variations into the existence of groups (Smith & Dugan 1996). There are certain problems faced by these immigrants. Some including those seeking asylum are denied legal entry and work while, at the same time, there is no fair treatment in terms of listening to their grievances. The problem of deportation also exists, resulting in dehumanization (Ngwa & Ngwa 2006). Culture is an essential aspect in determining a working environment. Culture incorporates the pervasive beliefs that are implicit and are held deeply. Cultural norms affect the way an employee behaves and operates (Silverthorne 2005). The difference between the culture of the immigrants from Nigeria and Cameroon and the United Kingdom, as the host state, affects their work relations. The mixed cultures among the immigrants and barriers in terms of language often affect the employment in the United Kingdom. Understanding each other’s culture is critical, especially in management and work relations. It is necessary to understand how individuals from different cultures communicate and interact (Piepenburg 2011).

Foreign workers face a lot of challenges while working in a foreign nation. For effective operations and interrelations in the job market, these problems have to be solved (Kofman 2000). The main challenges encountered by foreign workers include the difficulties of acquiring work permit alongside the cultural differences (Jacob & Sergeev nd). There is also discrimination against the female refugees (The Public Service Union 2006).

Problem statement

Immigration to the United Kingdom has seen people from various cultures settling in the country. The immigrants have had to find the means of living and thus got engaged both in formal and informal employments (Mendoza 2003). Immigration to the United Kingdom has been a result of various reasons. Having different cultures has to a great extent affected the relationship among various individuals. Have diverse cultures from the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Cameroon had to cope with a lot of challenges in the foreign country? This paper explores the life of immigrants in the United Kingdom.

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Purpose of the study

The study seeks to find how immigrants are treated in the United Kingdom and the effectiveness of interaction between different cultures.

Research objectives

  1. To establish the relationship between the United Kingdom and the immigrants.
  2. To determine the effects of varied cultures in the foreign employment.
  3. To find out the challenges faced by immigrants in foreign nations.

Research Questions

  1. What is the relationship between the United Kingdom and the immigrants?
  2. What are the effects of varied cultures in foreign employment?
  3. What are the challenges faced by immigrants in foreign nations?

Significance of the study

The study can be useful to leaders in business to politics. It provides recommendations on how to cope up with different cultures and offers an insight to the values of different cultures. This helps build tolerance towards different cultures through mutual understanding.

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Limitation of the study

The emigration history by Nigerians and Cameroonians has not been documented by many scholars. Getting the information regarding these scholars and their cultural values is challenging since the information is not readily available.