Do You think Mobile IPv4 was Successful

The success of mobile ipv4 is in doubt considering the problems that are associated with the use of this network. People expected much from the wireless network but it has failed to meet the expectations of the people in various ways. In the first place, the wireless network can only be used within a limited diameter. This means that it cannot serve many people as expected. Second, the network requires an external server. This is not what people expected. The other problem with the network is that it has been associated with security problems. The fact that it does not require authentication means that people with bad intentions can attack computers through the internet. These problems can be said to have caused the failure of ipv4.

What improvements can you think of regarding the Mobile IPv4?

Ipv4 can be improved in various ways. In the first place, the security issues should be dealt with. Many people fear using this internet due to the security problems associated with it. The internet should also be modified so that it does not require external agents to serve the home users. This is what people expect in the current world of improved internet use if the internet is to be successful. Triangular problem should also be resolved in ipv4 networks. This problem occurs when the network is overburdened when there is data transmission. Solving these problems can improve the performance of ipv4

Do you think Mobile IPv6 will succeed?

I think that ipv6 will succeed. This is considering that it has greater features as compared to those of ipv4. It will be liked by the people and this will lead to its success. However, ipv6 will have to be improved from time to time if it has to succeed. This is because its use will expose some of its weaknesses and hence the users will be in need of a better network. In this regard, the success of ipv6 will depend on whether it will keep on being advanced to deal with its weaknesses.