Hub and Spokes Model

Hub and spokes model can be described as a system, which simplifies networks of transportation routes and brings efficiency in various modes of transport. It has been highly adopted in commercial aviation where both passengers and goods are transported. Hub and spokes model have brought many benefits, and some of the advantages associated with this […]

Transportation Issues in Houston

Introduction Technical report examines transportation issues in Houston and offers potential solutions and improvements. This report assesses the feasibility of the project taking into consideration the following criteria: availability of information, suitability of the project for the amount of time available between now and 2018 and the budget needed to implement the project. Availability of […]

Grievance Arbitration

The call that was used in this assignment was made to an employee who works at wal mart retail shop as a cashier. The employee joined a labour union for several reasons. He wanted to be protected against racial discrimination. The employee also wanted to have an avenue where problems such as low wages and […]

Do You think Mobile IPv4 was Successful

The success of mobile ipv4 is in doubt considering the problems that are associated with the use of this network. People expected much from the wireless network but it has failed to meet the expectations of the people in various ways. In the first place, the wireless network can only be used within a limited […]

International Workers

The European nations act as a destination for most individuals looking for work or refugees. Most of the immigrants came from Asian countries, mostly China, as a result of political upheavals and economic reasons. These immigrants remained even after the situation in their home country had normalized. Africans also had an equal share in taking […]

Islamic Banking

There exist various religions that exhibit different values and beliefs. Muslim religion is one of them; its values and beliefs stand out from other religions, especially when it comes to banking. The rules pertaining to banking in the Islamic religion are guided by Sharia. Sharia is a system of law among the Muslims that guides […]

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a generic methodology for investigating the naturalness of variables as they are collected from the field. It is from this interaction that we get the answers to a number of questions, which we pose to find a solution to a situation. Mostly we use open ended questions to gather these facts, meaning […]

The Research Report

The research report is based on one of the medicine related topics, which is rather urgent and should be paid attention to by the society we live in. Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. Years of studies have shown that the occurrence of cervical cancer is caused by HPV, the […]

Product Reassessment of Home Phone Service

We would like to consider such previously popular product as Home Phone service. As it is known, this product was very popular and the number of home phone users was quite great. Most people could not imagine their daily life without using of such connection’s instrument as a home phone. However, we can see a […]

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This document will tackle controversial issue of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It will establish whether the existence of this garbage patch is a fact or a fiction. Researchers have been entangled in acrimonious arguments about the real existence of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Thesis Is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch a fact or […]