The main forms of development are the phylogeny and ontogeny. Mental development in the phylogeny is accomplished by the formation of psychic structures in the course of biological evolution of the species, or the socio-cultural history of mankind as a whole.

During ontogeny mental structures are formed during the life of the individual, in other words, ontogeny is the process of development of the individuality of a person. Later, talking about development, it is meant a process of individual psychological development.

Domain (sphere) development indicates the essence of developing. Many misunderstandings in determining the mechanism of psychological development arise from the mixing of different areas of human mental development. After all, each of them is qualitatively different from the other. And if they are all in the development subject to the general principles and laws, the mechanisms of development of each will be different by virtue of their qualitative uniqueness. Therefore, following the release of the areas of mental development should be identified and their carriers. The following areas of development can be selected:

Psycho-physical, which includes external (height and weight) and internal (bone, muscle, brain, prostate, the senses, the constitution, neuro- and psychodynamics, psychomotor) changes in the human body;

Psychosocial development provides changes in the emotional and personal spheres. It should be to emphasize the importance of interpersonal relationships for the formation of self-concept and self-identity;

Cognitive development covers all aspects of cognitive development, capacity building, including mental.

Domain of mental development is a mental space consisting of elements (media mental) of a certain quality. Psycho-physical domain is the properties that characterize the activity of sensory (feeling) and perceptual (perception) systems of humans. Psychosocial domain is the properties that characterize the activity of the emotional and personal sphere of man. Cognitive domain characterizes the activity of cognitive processes and abilities.

Psychosocial (mental) domain development is the process of occurrence and formation of the individual’s spiritual growths, which is based on a creative, active development of their social and historical experience of mankind. This is a subject to mandatory registration in the training and education of future generations.

Cognitive domain development is the development of the individual from the state in which the mind exercises little control over the activities, their own and others, to a state in which directly into the activities and processes of reflection and awareness of the world it is used complex concepts, diagrams, definitions, scientific analysis, scientific identification etc.

Quality content selections points to their carriers. Phylogeny is the process of formation of psychic structures in the course of biological evolution of the species, or the socio-cultural history of mankind as a whole. Ontogeny is the process of individual human development.

The individual is the person with the natural being, a representative of Homo sapiens, the product of the phylogenetic and ontogenetic development, the carrier individually distinctive, genetically determined traits.

Thus, studying the processes of psycho-physical (biological) properties, reveals the dynamics of the human being as an individual, on the dynamics of the development of man as a person is judged by examining the processes of psychosocial characteristics, and assessed the degree of mental and other abilities (Newman & Newman, 2007). The result is a picture of the development of the individual as a subject of activity.