Healthcare Management

Management is the pursuit of organizational goals effectively and efficiently by integrating the work of other people through planning, organizing, leading and controlling the organization’s resources. An art may be defined as a skill or knowledge in a particular field of activity. It involves practical application of theoretical knowledge and skills to achieve objectives. A […]

Production and Operations Management

Production is one of the hardest businesses to organize. There exist numerous techniques that can be used by managers to overcome production organization issues, however, every situation is unique. Every situation should be analyzed in different contexts, and environment conditions should be taken into consideration. Turbo Exhausts is a rapidly growing company that has faced […]

Marketing Plan

SWOT Analysis SWOT-analysis is a process of bringing together the most typical business opportunities, threats, strengths, weaknesses, the results of which can later be used for the formulation and selection of enterprise strategy. SWOT analysis of the company is aimed to give adequate information about the situation that company or product is or will be […]

Become an Employer of Choice

To be among the best employers is the dream of many companies. This status provides many benefits: lower staff turnover, the advantage at the invitation of and prospective employees, flexible attitude of the staff to the “unpopular” decisions, employees’ support for the achievement of tactical and strategic goals, high reputation, etc. Thus, the favor of […]


Today increased development of new concepts, procedures, improvement of the management of a company. This contributes to increased competition, both in the domestic and international markets. For example, the concepts of benchmarking, outplacement, outsourcing, outstaffing etc. are gradually coming into use of members of today’s business environment. Along with the above policy management tools are […]

Investigating Process Management

For every enterprise or organization a time came when the overall control system of quality management has to be introduced. The need for a quality management system in the enterprise is caused by several important factors. First, this is a rise in confidence of potential consumers to the products that this company produces. Second, it […]

Diversity and Leadership

Leadership and diversity is the approach that recognizes the fact that people and culture are different. It bases to develop strategies and processes that will work for most members of the team or organization. In this regard, I believe that the prototype leader is the head of the company who is free from cultural “barriers” […]

The Birth of Swatch

In 1983, in the midst of the crisis, the Swiss watch industry, Nicolas G. Hayek (1928-2010) through the merger and acquisition of bankrupt Swiss watch companies ASUAG and SSIH founded SMH (Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries Ltd.). Under his leadership, the company’s position has improved dramatically, and for five years it has become […]

Leadership Traits

Each person that claims to occupy the leading place in the team should have a range of leadership traits. Thus, the leadership traits define the role of the leader and this explains why some people become established and are ready to inspire and lead, others are not accepted as leader and do not have authority. […]

Research Methodologies

Most managers are aware of the need for market research when entering a foreign market. For example, when analyzing the causes of failures in foreign markets, it is often found that the company clearly does not represent the tastes and preferences of consumers, the differences between the external environment, as well as sufficiently familiar with […]

Change Management

Change management is a process of constant adjustment direction of the organization, its structure and the search of new opportunities. All of these changes are due to the ever-changing demands of domestic and overseas clients. Now everything is changing faster than it ever has been before, and, therefore, becoming increasingly important to master the strategies […]

Upward Communication

Communication is the process of exchange of information, experience and data. Communication is an integral part of the business management, and the manager spends from 50 to 90% of his/her working time on it. Communications can coordinate activities both within the enterprise and to establish external contacts. Communication is a vital system of the organization, […]

Talent Management

With the development of globalization, diversity of human resources in the company is becoming one of the most important factors for the development, which at the same time, requires careful attention to talent management system (Cheese, Thomas & Craig 2008). Talented employees can be crucial to maintain the quality and integrity of the human potential […]