Love as My Personal Space

Every living creature has a space; therefore, I am not an exception. In the words of Desmond Morris, a territory is a defended space. This gives a hint that the territories we hold so dear are not so secure lest we keep vigilance. This paper discusses the love that I have with my partner as my space. Drawn from the argument of Desmond Morris on property as a space, he argues that property is owned space and presented as a space, and a distinctive kind of sharing system that minimizes fighting much more than it causes. In addition, in other studies he adds that wild animals mark their territories without physical land marks. Therefore, love qualifies as space, because if well taken care of it reduces fighting between partners.

My entire love space is constructed around doubles and opposites. That is, I cannot stay long without solving a problem, at the same time; I cannot stay long without sharing niceties. In general, my love space is designed in such a way that brings contrast amongst us. My partner is magical and graceful, while I am overly serious. This contrast functions as the defining visual feature of my love space. Normally, it is impracticable to imagine two people who are not compatible with each other, completely fairing on well. In other words, whereas an important aspect of our love seems as if nobody controls the environment of the other, we are always totally in control of our affairs. The main experience out of our relationship is the loss of identity. Cox and Demmitt (p.89) indicate that love causes identity loss on the lovers. However, in my love space, loss of identity is a simple blurring of difference in the quest to pursue realistic ties between ourselves in order to deal with the challenges ahead.

In his book “Rivers of Gold”, Peterson (p.372) draws that the path of real love, for all people, has never been easy. According to him, there will always be difficulties to hamper it. Eichelberger (p. 182), on the other hand, cites age differences and difficulties brought by friends or sickness as one that makes love appear short as any dream or swift as a shadow. Nonetheless, we counter all the challenges by remaining positive and optimistic all through the travails and believing that they are merely the cost that lovers have to incur in return for romantic bliss. Supporting this, Desmond Morris indicates that people who spend a lot of time in conditions that are crowded become progressively better able to fit, but nobody can become entirely resistant to incursions of Personal Space. According to him, people remain forever connected with either equally powerful or powerful hostile loving feelings. He adds that all through childhood people will have been held to be hurt or held to be loved, and those who invade this space, when they are mature are, in effect, threatening to broaden their behavior into these two areas of human interaction that are highly charged.

In a nutshell, this love space reflects me in many aspects such us a strong person and a person who is always willing broaden it through commitment. What I hold so dear is my love as its continuance and growth gives me hope and a focused direction.