As the story begins, Miss Emily Grierson is already dead and people are attending her funeral for different reasons. Men are going there because of the respect they have for the great woman, while women are going there just to get a chance to see the inside of her house. Miss Emily was a hero since she was buried at a cemetery where soldiers were buried after war.

According to the story, Emily was a traditional woman who cared for her country. She was raised up in a rich family since the father was able to loan the city some money when need arose. Before her death, it seems like she had given up on life since her house was full of dust and nobody visited that place(Faulkner). Emily was small, fat and stylish since she had a beautiful gold chain than dropped down into her belt. Emily lived a lonely life because of her father’s death and the heartbreak she had when her sweetheart deserted her. She brings out the plot of the story since it revolves around her. She is the antagonist of the story.

Mrs Mallard was married to Brently Mallard who died in a train disaster that killed many people. Everyone had to be very careful not to break the news suddenly to Mrs Mallard since she had a heart condition. Eventually, it was Josephine, her sister, who broke the news to her in broken sentences and hints. Mrs Mallard was still young with a fair and calm face(Chopin). After weeping her husband’s death, a thought crossed her mind that she was free at last. She felt warm and joy filled her heart. From the story, it seems like her husband was not keen on her and never showed her the love she always wanted. Eventually we find out that Brently was not even near the accident scene and was not even aware of the accident that happened. It was her wife, Louise, who had died of heart disease due to joy. She was also the antagonist of the story.