Placard Numbers

Placard Number 112

This placard number covers fire and all explosive substances that are being transported by road and which can explode up to 1.6 kilometers. In the case of fire, the fire should be capable of causing irritation, corrosion, or producing toxic gases. If such an accident was to happen, the precautions I would take would include removing the public from the place of the accident, isolating any spillage, calling firefighters, and staying upwind.

Placard Number 153

This number covers toxic and corrosive substances which are capable of combustion. These toxic substances can cause injury or death upon inhalation, swallowing, and coming into contact with the skin. A fire that results from these substances can cause irritation or corrosion while containers of the substances can explode upon becoming heated. In case of an accident involving such substances, my precautionary measures would include cordoning off the scene of the accident, moving the public from the place, staying upwind, and ensuring proper ventilation of the area.

Placard Number 119

This number covers carbon monoxide gas which is highly toxic and inflammable. This gas is capable of causing injury and death, severe burns, corrosion, and irritation. The containers of this gas are also capable of explosion and releasing the toxic gas into the air. My precautionary measures for an accident involving this gas would include moving from slow areas, removing the public, ensuring proper ventilation, and staying upwind.

Placard Number 120

This placard number covers carbon dioxide gas. This gas is toxic and, therefore, capable of causing body injury and death when released into the air. My precautionary measures for an accident involving this gas would include staying upwind, cordoning off the area, and ensuring proper ventilation.

Placard Number 126

This number covers refrigeration gases which are highly toxic. My precautionary measures for an accident involving the gases would be ensuring proper ventilation, staying upwind, removing the public, and isolating the area.