Starting from the industrial age, Christianity has brought a lot of social changes to the Western world. To begin with, Christians have initiated the fight against slavery in England. Over the years, Christianity has also been fighting against immorality drugs and alcohol abuse and sexual revolution. Christianity has also influenced the health care sector in the significant way. Christians have established many hospitals and nursing schools, like the Florence Nightingale nursing school in London. In addition, Christians have also founded the Red Cross, organization that is helping people all around the globe

Religions, like Judaism and Islam have a lot of similarities with the revealed scriptures. For example,the Hebrew Pentateuch and the Koran share many narratives, though they differ over the exact texts. They also have a similar concept of rewards and punishments, as well as the belief in life after death, resurrection, and heaven and hell. The two religions also do not have clergy who are separate from the rest of people by the virtue of sacraments. Religious authority is a matter of individual mastery of the religious teachings that help him to guide the community . Islam and Christianity are similar in many perspectives too. For example, both Christians and Muslims believe in the existence of only one divine God, and that God is the origin of all that exists. The two religions also share a belief that human beings are the children of Abraham and are full of mystery, meaning that there is great potential for the continuous growth. Christians and Muslims also believe in a divine human encounter. In other words, God and human beings have the ability to communicate with each other as evidenced by conversations between God and the prophets. They also believe that God is guiding them throughout their life journey and they need to follow his rules.