January 9, 2018

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Acupuncture is a style of supporting the body to boost natural healing and perfect body behavior. This is accomplished by fitting sterilized needles into the skin. These have the ability to change diverse biochemical and physiological conditions in order to treat broad types of diseases.

This medication has its origin in China (Omura, 1982, p.15). It is one of the oldest and commonly used means of treating diseases all over the world. Inserting minute needles in the skin stimulates the body to relief pain from a patient. Inappropriate needle insertion may cause soreness and break body tissues. It is recommended to carry out this procedure in authorized places and by authorized personnel. Successful application of acupuncture depends upon three key factors: the point of application, the style of arousal, and the observed outcome.

Complementary and Alternative medicine are a new development in health care systems (Hollenberg, 2007, p.1). Complementary Medicine treatments consist of contemporary medical care meant to improve health or relieve pain. Alternative cancer treatments are trial based practices that are used for pain or stress relief that have replaced conventional medical treatment. The advancements of alternative cancer treatments are based on other people experiences. Some Complementary and Alternative medicines are substances found in nature, such as herbs, vitamins, and minerals. The concept of using natural substances for treatment is quite old. Since time immemorial, people have used herbs and animals products to treat diseases. A drug like aspirin is manufacture from substances obtained from the bark of a tree. Some of these medicines come packed as food supplements taken orally. Complementary and Alternative medicine come in many forms, such as tablets, teas, and powders.

CAM is not thought of as a standard care in the medical practice. Standard medical care is care that is based on scientific evidence. The reason why patients tend to use CAM can be based on the facts that drugs sometimes fail to solve health problems while natural products are healthier and safer with no side effects, unlike prescribed drugs. Complementary and Alternative medicine also have their limitations. For example, overuse of herbs can cause death or destroy vital organs or expose the patient to other diseases.

Evidence-based medicines are methods that have been tested by the work of clinical tests to provide clinical advantage for a specific medical problem. Preventative medicines use changes of lifestyle that can minimize the risk of catching some types of diseases. It is a common knowledge that preventive treatment such as using balanced and nutritious diet, doing a lot of exercises, abstaining from smoking are crucial to a healthy living, reducing the occurrence of many diseases with minimal costs.

The treatments used by a majority of doctors are regarded as ordinary medicine. Complementary and alternative medicines consist of a group of health care treatments and products that are considered out of fashion. Acupuncture today is done alongside Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Some health care professionals use both CAM and conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is a whole medical system practiced by qualified medical doctors and their allied health professionals.

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Research indicates that a large number of women use prayers for health reasons and take large doses of vitamins as types of CAM. CAM is used more by women, people with more education, people who live in or near cities. They like the wholesome approach taken by CAM therapists. This approach involves considering all of a patient’s needs to help her recuperate and retain her health. These include not just physical but also motional, social, and spiritual needs.

Some CAM therapies involve using different categories of energy to treat illness. Some of these treatments use intuitive ways that everyone agrees exist, such as magnetic energy. Magnets have been in use from the time of ancient Egypt to cure diseases. They used magnets with static energy. Static magnets are used in treatment of painful situations, such as painful period. Magnetic energy healing seemed to reduce pain in conditions involving muscles, bones, and joints, helping women receiving radiation treatment for cancer, feel more energetic and endure less pain. In some research, magnetic energy seems to be non- effective. The study showed that energy healing was not responsive toward nerve pain caused by diabetes and stroke. Massaging involves handling, pressing, or moving parts of the body. Chiropractors ground the beliefs that the body heals when coordinated by the brain. When the bones of the spinal cord are not well positioned on top of each other, this adds pressure on the back.

Patients have had to pay CAM treatment from their pocket since they were not covered with any insurance firm as medical scheme. The capitalist government only recognized conventional medicine use in treatment of diseases. Many patients could not afford to pay their bills, thus, terminating the process in the middle before they could finish the treatment process. This process was expensive because it was offered by private practitioners and was not allowed in government funded hospitals. The trained CAM personnel were few, thus, they were overwhelmed by the increasing number of patient requesting the services.

Evidence from controlled trials and systematic reviews showed that neurochemical and muscular skeleton works together with mind meditation in healing. This helps in accessing effective management of pain, and to relief stress and anxiety. An array of mind-body therapies used before surgery has improved recovery time and reduced post-surgery pain and chronic conditions. The growth of CAM serves as evidence for new ways of thinking about what optimal healthcare is. CAM’s success clearly highlights some opportunities for improvement within Conventional medicine. They include the need to reset the patient-physician relationship with an emphasis on meaningful and two-way communication (Passarelli, 2008, p.16).

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