Wilding America

The first paragraphs acquaint the readers with a dangerous life of mountain lions. The scientists observed the track of the lion called M6. They looked through its way from the Cleveland National Forest to the Coal Canyon. The lion’s way lay across Highway, 91. It was a very dangerous place; in 2001, the cars killed about six lions in the southern part of Carolina. Scientists warned that the decrease of the place where lions used to live would lead to their extinction (Royte, 2002). These paragraphs portrayed the hard way of M6, and described the traps that could be taken anywhere. I did not realize the real situation earlier. Humans do not care about the animals at all. People’s main aim is to build new restaurants, golf fields, and petrol stations because these places will bring them income.

Most of lions live in the protected park zone; however, two golf courses, a road full of cars, and two railroads surround this park like an island. If a lion wants to move from one zone into another, it is under the threat. It can be hit by cars and trains or kicked by horses. The population of lions decreased very rapidly. The scientists suggest making wildlife corridors, which are the places, secure for the animals, and they connect wildlife zones that were separated by human buildings. The lion can go from one place to another without any threats. They will allow lions to migrate from one place to another and create their families with mates of other populations. In such a way, the effect of inbreeding will decrease, and the diversity of the population will be higher. Their extinction will lead to bad results. If the mountain lions extinct, the food chain will change. Lions control the population of deer. If the former vanish, the population of the latter will increase. They will spread all over the forests and displace other animals inhabited the forests (Royte, 2002).

From my perspective, the wildlife corridors are the best way to resolve the problem of many species of animals all over the world. Many animals are under the threat of extinction due to the human activity. People should remember that and do everything possible to supply animals with normal conditions of life.

There are many evidences of human negative impact on the nature. Many animals are under the threat of extinction because people reduce their territories and build new roads, houses, and restaurants (Langat, 2012). If people do not stop thoughtlessly using the nature, the next generations will not see such animals as lions, tigers, elephants, and others.