Reducing the Impact of My Life and Activities on the Environment

Human activity is the main cause of environmental pollution and destruction. All natural resources are limited. Most of us use them without thinking. For preserving the environment, we have to change our lifestyle and attitude to the nature.

I tried to change some of my habits for reducing the negative impact on the environment. First of all, I reduced the use of a car. I went on foot or rode a bicycle. Exhausts from the cars are the main cause of the greenhouse effect and air pollution. Secondly, I reduced the use of water. I took bath only 2 times a week. Instead of bath, I took a shower. Moreover, I decreased the time to shower from 15 to 10 minutes. I turned off the taps, when I did not use the water (during cleaning teeth). It has not made much inconvenience for me. I limited the use of water for gardening. I watered plants only once a day. Some trees I did not water at all. The rain enriched them with water. I decreased the use of electricity. I turned off all devices that were unnecessary. I switched off the computer instead of standby. I tried not to buy bottled water. I used the filter for water from the tap. The reduction of buying bottled water will lead to decreasing of manufacturing bottles. Most bottles are not recyclable and made of plastic. Plastic decomposition lasts about 400 years (Putatunda, n.d.). During the recycling, many harmful substances filled the air.

All things mentioned above, I was doing during a month. I must admit that it was easy for me. I did not feel uncomfortable, and it did not bring me much inconvenience. I suppose, I will continue this lifestyle. It is not hard for me to do it; however, it is very pleasant to understand that I can change the environmental situation. From my perspective, every person can do the same. There is no need completely to change the way of life. However, such easy things will preserve the planet for the next generations.