Environmental Science Issues

January 10, 2018

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Human activity has a great impact on the environment. Many plants all over the world emit different pollutants into the atmosphere. Humanity pollutes seas, rivers, oceans, air, and soil with very harmful substances. Sometimes, nature disasters lead to unpredictable harmful consequences. The nature and environment suffer from people. Many ecological problems are the results of people’s interference into the nature.

In 2011, the entire world observed the results of the explosion on Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Its explosion was the consequence of the earthquake and tsunami. The government tried to do everything for overcoming the effects of the natural disasters. They evacuated people and thought about the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. They suspected that Unit 1 would be meltdown; however, later, they realized that Unit 3 was under the threat of meltdown, as well. Certainly, all people were evacuated from the plant, and the board started to shut down Units 1, 2, and 3. Later, Units 4, 5, and 6 were also shut down. The board met with cooling problems. They tried to decrease the damage from the explosion; however, they could not prevent it (Wood, 2011). It was the second great disaster in the world after the explosion on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. Many people who fought with the fire died. The consequences after the Chernobyl disaster were very sorrowful. Chernobyl became a zone of alienation. Nobody could live there because the rate of radiation exceeded the normal one in dozens of times (Bryan, 2004).

People feel the results of the explosion on Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant today, and they will feel them even in twenty and fifty years. The high rate of radiation provoked panic. Humans did not recover from the earthquake and tsunami, and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant exploded. All people faced economic, social, and personal problems. Many lost their families in consequence of the earthquake and tsunami. Children and adults faced incurable diseases. Water, soil, and air were full of radiation. The government tried to take the situation under control; however, it could not stop radiation extension. The world community was very scared, especially the countries located near Japan. Mass media assured that people who lived in Tokyo were out of danger. They informed that the rate of radiation did not exceed the normal rate. However, people did not believe that. They thought that the government wanted to scape panic. Some people compared this explosion with the one in 1986. The government of the former USSR did not inform anything to the world. The inhabitants walked with children, lived their normal life, and did not know that the air was full of radiation. The impact on people’s health was different. Some had fever, headache, nausea, and diarrhea. People who had a stronger impact of radiation started to lose hair, their blood pressure was low. The scientists claim that the rate of oncological diseases has increased. Individuals at the age of 20 became the most susceptible (Health Effects of Nuclear Radiation Spread from Fukushima, n.d.).

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People faced social problems. This disaster has a negative impact on society. Those who lived near the plant, even now, do not want to come back home. Young couples do not want to bear and bring up children in harmful environment. Many families were divided because mothers with children left their home, and fathers had to stay and rebuild their houses. The government obliged the owner of the plant to compensate for expenses to people who were forced to leave their homes. The banks assume that the amount of compensation will be about $130 billion (Chossudovsky, 2012).

Economic effect was huge. Much money was spent for decreasing the impact of the explosion. Such branches as fishing and tourism decreased their turnovers. Fishing was forbidden; moreover, people did not want to do it. This tendency was over the whole Japan not only at the plant. People all over the world were scared due to radiation and did not want to cooperate with Japanese suppliers. Tourists did not want to visit Japan because of the high rate of radiation. Many business trips were cancelled, and many business offers were declined. The government of Japan tried to renew all contacts with their business partners. The entire world helped Japan to get back to normal life, which economy is highly developed; and from my perspective, it will overcome all difficulties very soon (Chossudovsky, 2012).

The explosion caused different abnormalities. Some birds that lived near the Nuclear Power Plant had eyes with defects. In a few years, such anomalies will increase due to the genetic code. At the end of 2012, the rate of radiation at the coast, where the Nuclear Plant was located, increased the normal rate in 100 times. The fish capture is still forbidden in this region. Many fish died because the water was polluted with high doses of radiation. The soil is damaged, as well. The top layer of the soil is completely unsuitable for use. Many organizations and volunteers gather the soil and export it from Japan into the special storages. This procedure is very expensive, and it will last approximately 30 years. After the explosion, the fate of all nuclear power plants in the world is unknown. All world organizations obliged the countries, which have the nuclear power plants think about their safety (Chossudovsky, 2012).

From my perspective, nuclear power plants should be streamlined. They were built a few decades ago. Today’s technologies are more developed; people know about the harmful effect of these plants, and they have to find solution to this problem. The government of Japan and the board of the Nuclear Power Plant did everything for preventing such harmful consequences; however, they were powerless. If the plants were updated, they would have more chances to prevent such an effect. From my point of view, there are two causes of the explosion. First of all, it is the earthquake that provoked tsunami. However, the second cause is humans. Japan is a zone of high seismic activity; thus, people had to predict such disasters as tsunami. The plant could had been built further from the ocean. It polluted the air earlier, and after its explosion, people began to realize that nature is more powerful. In addition, from my point of view, no money will compensate for health and damage to the environment. The results of the explosion are horrible. People lost their health, and the nature lost its wealth.

Our planet is our home; however, we still forget about it. People spoil everything around themselves. The main reason of it is the money. People produce many things they use in a daily life even not realizing the rate of pollution around them. The majority of them do not think about the consequences of their actions. The explosion on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and the Deepwater Horizon are the brightest examples of people’s interference into the nature. The negative impact on the environment was terrific. The next generations will feel the results of these disasters, as well.

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From my perspective, people should ponder on their attitude to nature and environment. Sometimes, I suppose, they forget about everything except money. Incurable diseases, high rate of air pollution, greenhouse effect, and the lack of pure water on the Earth are not the only problems of humanity. If people do not realize the situation, they will destroy themselves. Every person can do something for the improvement of the current situation. People can reduce the use of water and electricity and use the car only when necessary. For making our planet better, we have to improve ourselves. Only this way will lead us to the positive results. Our future depends on our behavior, our consciousness, and us. The next generations must live on the prosperous and green planet.