Investigating Process Management

January 10, 2017

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For every enterprise or organization a time came when the overall control system of quality management has to be introduced. The need for a quality management system in the enterprise is caused by several important factors. First, this is a rise in confidence of potential consumers to the products that this company produces. Second, it is possible to strengthen its position in the existing markets significantly, as well as expand the sphere of influence by entering new domestic and foreign markets. Third, this is a significant increase in performance of any industrial organization, which has implemented and operated the quality management system.

According to the article written by J. Iden, the main purpose of the quality system is to provide not only the influence of external factors, but also the internal factors, which are characterized by the presence of obvious internal needs of the company to develop and improve the already existing system of general management in all ways. The need for competent management of the company can be seamlessly combined into a single system of quality management (Iden, 2012).

It is necessary to summarize that the methodology of the quality system is based on the principles of the system and process approaches. The system principle is implemented in the management of the company as a system of interrelated processes aimed at achieving the set goals. The process approach allows the company to emphasize the processes that have the greatest impact on the achievement of objectives, such as the identified and measured inputs and outputs of the processes, both internal and external customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Thus, the running processes within the life cycle of a product are determined to build the organizational structure of the enterprise. Execution of all processes for all elements of the organizational structure is documented. The effectiveness of the system at each quality level is confirmed by corresponding data. Accordingly, the modern quality system combines the organizational structure, documentation and information structure, and the processes that affect its quality.

There are several key learning points that were presented in this article. The conceptual model of the quality system that was drawn describes how the quality system can be transformed into the process vision system. It also describes the three-layered fashion documents chain, which strictly determines the processes that are incorporated into each of these levels.

Perhaps, no aspect of quality control does not cause as much hatred and anger among the staff and heads of departments as document management. The reasons for this dislike are quite clear: on the market, many of them need to follow to spend a lot of time writing and monitoring. The paper is a target of checking the working unit and / or employee. Documentation is needed by employees for proper coordination of their work. Documentation is a management tool; it needs leaders/managers if they do not personally monitor the implementation of subordinates. This is the second key learning point of this article.

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The next one is concerned about the aspect of process management implementation. It was very important to notice that most of the companies that apply the quality system do not use most of the privileges, advantages, and possibilities that it promotes. Thus, the quality system does not influence the processes that are performing in the company; as a result, they are not identified, measured, and improved. It gives a total understanding of why the implementation of quality system does not always contribute to the huge changes in the company and its whole performance improvement.

In the article, the author discusses the process management of the companies that had applied the quality system. The main argument is built under the understanding that the process management is the management of logical, sequential, and interrelated set of activities that uses resources provider, creates value, and outputs the result to the consumer. It is also the management of an organized collection of works, satisfying specific business objectives and goals consistent with the current ones. The author made a certain conclusion about the study. First of all, the conclusion is made about the meaning of the term process management, and the author decides that the process management is not just the management of different activities that go one by one. However, it is an important organizational unit that has to be managed accordingly to the process thinking approach. The next important conclusion is that the company’s accountability is determined by the effectiveness of process management performance that is often overlooked by managers of the department. Therefore, for the effective management implementation, companies should try to use the matrix organizational structure. Another important aspect is that managers often forget to transmit their business goals to the process goals that can help plan the company’s performance more effectively.

It is rather important to stress that all conclusions and critical information presented in the article are based on the data analysis of 23 companies that were involved in this observation. The results obtained by the author get the point if the quality system implementation gives the expected changes in the company. It is necessary to note that companies do not fully use all the advantages that the quality system implementation brings, and, talking about the process management, it is essential to stress that it is absent in the analyzed companies.

Before the research, the author reviewed a lot of literature that was accurately cited in the paper. All the practical issues accomplished in the article are based on the theoretical issues of the academic literature.

The article presents high-quality information and observation results of the process management implementation in the companies that use the quality system. However, there are some points, with which one can agree and disagree. There is no doubt that process management is a rather effective tool for use by managers. It can increase the effectiveness of company’s performance and positively affect its profitability by the cost reduction. However, the quality system is a rather huge and volume term and strategy that is reflected in the company not only through the process management. Iden analyzed the quality system approach from the position of process management. However, the author forgot to research other aspects of the term.

The article gave food for thought under the quality management system approach implementation from the position of process management. The process approach to the management of company’s performance is a rather effective method that gives a lot in the determination of company’s development opportunities.

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The most significant conclusion from the article is that the processes management is one of the most powerful tools for improving business performance. The technology description of processes provides transparency of all business operations; it allows analyzing the possible consequences of failure at a particular stage of work, time to find and correct the error. Another advantage of the approach is seen in the ability to control operating costs, which is becoming one of the basic conditions for survival in the market. Process management enables managers to identify and manage the key processes and results of the company, which really add value, as well as to integrate the often disparate activities of functional departments and direct their efforts to a single result. A company built on the principle of the process is more flexible and adaptive, especially when it implements the quality system approach.