TELUS Company

Canada has the best performing ICT industry. The Canadian ICT companies depicted exemplary performance in the year 2011 hence they deserved the title of up-and-comers. TELUS Company is ranked amongst the top three best performing ICT industries in Canada.

TELUS competition advantage

TELUS sales increased by 9%, hence the total sales in 2011 rose to $7.98 billion. The TELUS merged with BCE hence dominating in the Canadian ICT (Collins, 2010). TELUS Company manages its wireless products well and has a good technological base (Telus Company, 2012).

This has enabled the company to take over the Canadian and United States market.

SWOT analysis


The stabilization of the currency increased exports for TELUS Company. TELUS has been able to export its products and services to developed countries like United States. This will increase the Company’s ability to produce high quality products.


There has been a great evolution in technology for example web 2.0 is continuously evolving. Advanced wireless Services spectrum auction has led to increase in competition in the ICT industry. Canadian economy has also become unstable hence; it is becoming harder to anticipate for the expected performance. This might affect the TELUS future plans since poor technology reduces sales and increases cost of production.


TELUS Company has been able to control a better part of the Canadian market. TELUS provides very fast and strong wireless network, which serves a large number of Canadian population (Review Essays, 2011). The Company has constantly been able to earn high amounts of profits. Demand for TELUS shares increases progressively due to impressive performance.


TELUS, however, records low amount of sales in central Canada. This is a very important market thus TELUS inability to control hinders it from topping the list as the best ICT performer (Industry Canada, 2011). TELUS spends too much on taxes and has been careless in protecting the public from pornographic materials.


TELUS company management should be keen when targeting the market in the country. The company should come up with means to control amount of losses incurred during tough economic times. If the Company is able to eliminate some of these problems, it can even become the best performing ICT Company in Canada and the entire world.