Ralph Lauren Company Analysis

January 5, 2022

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Ralph Lauren Company is a widely traded America-based holding corporation that designs, markets, and sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes, fragrances accessories, and home furnishings to clients worldwide. Ralph Lauren Company was founded by the American designer Ralph Lauren in 1967. The corporation’s flagship brand is Polo Ralph Lauren. It also includes Ralph Lauren Purple label, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Chaps and Club Monaco. Ralph Lauren Company’s headquarter is based on the Upper East headquarter side of New York City. As of April 2010, the Ralph Lauren Corporation operated 171 factory stores, 179 full price stores, and 281 recognized based shop, which sum up to a total of 631 locations globally. This number includes retail operations of all corporation brands in different locations throughout the United States, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Ralph Lauren runs its agent flagship stores on Madison Avenue in New York City. This company also deals with flagships for retail in Ralph Lauren collection in London, Chicago, Greenwich (USA), Milan, Moscow, Tokyo, and Paris.

Similarly to Lauren New York store, a modern and crisp expression portrays the architecture of Chicago store. On the outside, basic consideration was given to the construction of a building which gives support to the street activity, while revealing activity inside. To this objective, the main entrance was located at the corner, with wide display windows facing the neighboring sidewalks. Suspending and sheltering the corner entrance, there stands a 3 story monumental star with a full elevated glass wall, which allows views both away and into the store. The next main construction volume is shown by full height limestone dock, which displays windows at the street level. The inside space within the store is attached to the main stairway and circulation at one end and by a two story halls in the main merchandise area. The different shapes and sizes of the floors are joined by a consistent circulation pattern and by inserting cash wraps in the same central position on each level. Abnormalities in the pre-existing structural framework are veiled by judicious position of full height cabinets and walls, creating a layering of well placed areas within which changes of display and d?cor can occur.

What started 40 years ago with a set of ties has developed into the world redefining the U.S. style. This company has always stood for providing quality products, making worlds, and inviting people first in order to create stores that promote customers to contribute to that lifestyle. RalphLauren.com takes this contribution to a new level as an exciting, rich, and interactive destination. When one is taken into the world of Ralph Lauren online, he can purchase great products for his home and himself. It can also help one to learn about adventure, culture, and style in RL TV and RL magazine, where people can find more information about the company. Polo Ralph Lauren is a corporation which uses different advertisement methods in order to sell their products globally and to increase the volumes of sales. This corporation uses the most convenient and modern way of advertising their items. The advertisement involves placement of their products, such as clothing and furniture, in magazines and on the website. The advertisement of this company is interesting and attracts to their clothing and other products. The company has a smart display and matching of its clothes. Polo Lauren Company has a variety of clothing and one can get any style of clothing he needs. The company uses magazines as its major advertising tool. The examples of these magazines are Ralph Lauren eyewear fashion magazine, Polo Ralph Lauren magazine, and Ralph Lauren Hosiery magazine. This company gives equal attention to all the advertisement sites.

In addition, Ralph Lauren uses social media to involve clients around its brand and products. This company aims to engage the clients with a wide choice of content focused on product features, gift ideas, competitions, and promotions of the world’s four-dimensional light show at the company’s London store. The social media the company uses includes twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Vimeo. The social media also is extremely important as it provides the direct communication between the company and the customers. It also helps the company to know customer needs and respond to them. The social media is an effective tool of making the advertisements of this company. It also uses the mobile applications in order to communicate to the customers. The social media all together has enabled the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation to make large sales all over the globe. All the social media are given equal attention by the company. Macy’s and Mr. Porter are other retailers that deal with different types of products. Macy’s deals with wedding gifts, furniture, mattresses, and many other categories of products. It is also one of the biggest global retailers. The company also places advertisements online and uses social media in advertising its goods. Mr. Porter is another retailer that sells men and women apparel. Its goods are also sold worldwide and have a big variety. Mr. Porter has a dynamic and smart style. Its products are also advertised through social media.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Company is a world company that has spread in many countries of the world. It has been able to establish retail outlets in different countries in order to enhance the distribution of its product. It has established its presence in China, Belgium, Japan, and some African countries. Because of the quality of its products, many countries prefer to sell goods from this company over others. It is because Polo Ralph Lauren sells its products both in retail and in wholesale or bulk. The products of the company are sold at affordable prices. Many people from different countries can afford Polo Ralph Lauren products and, thus, prefer this company. Polo Ralph Lauren became the first official clothing of Wimbledon in the year 2006. It redesigned outfits for ball girls and boys, court and line judges. The logo for Wimbledon was adapted for this reason. Polo Ralph Lauren brand and style was used, and a new line of clothing for women and men was launched on June 26. USTA and the Polo Ralph signed a four year partnership that made it the official attire sponsor of the United States Open throughout the year 2008.

All ball girls and boys and court officials were clothed in special design from Ralph Lauren clothing. This company also sponsors United States skilled golfers’ Tom Watson, Webb Simpson, Jonathan Byrd, Luke Donald, and Davis Love III, as well as Morgan Pressel, who is a LPGA golfer. Polo Ralph Lauren won the United States Olympic contract to cloth the 2008 United States Olympic team. In July 2009, it was declared that Ralph would continue its partnership with the United States for the winter Olympic 2010 and the summer Olympic 2012. The 2012 United States Olympic team uniforms for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics were designed by polo Ralph Lauren. These uniforms were made in China, blowing up a bipartisan backlash from the American Congress disapproval of the United States manufacturing not concerned with the U.S. greatest athletes. On July 2012, six democratic United States senators declared that they have co-sponsored legislation to require the United States Olympic team of 2012 to wear American-made uniforms. The co-sponsors of the “Team USA Made In America Act 2012” are Frank R. Lautenberg and Robert Menendez, both of New Jersey, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, , Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Kirsten of New York.

Polo has a dynamics of styles which it creates in all the countries where it is established. This company’s products are the same irrespective of the country. The brand does not change in different countries, but remains the same. However, there are other companies that produce different styles from that of Polo. Certain analysis shows that many people prefer Polo products over the others.

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Finally, Polo Ralph Lauren Company has successfully been able to distribute its products in the different parts of the world. However, this company can consider many issues that would help it in making more sales and becoming the world biggest and most reliable company. All countries have a good access to the Polo’s products. The company should establish distribution centers in almost all countries in order to make it easier to carry out the business. The distribution centers would help the company to have a centralized location for the distribution of its products. This would ensure that its products easily reach the wholesalers and retailers. On the other hand, it would also help to relieve the high cost of exportation of its products. In addition, the company should encourage the retail purchases that can help it increase the sales, since many more people can afford to buy goods in retail rather than in wholesale. Another factor to consider is the pricing. While pricing the products, the managers of Polo should ensure that goods are priced fairly in order to be affordable both to the upper and the middle class. This can also lead to a higher profitability. Consistent updating of Polo products is another advice. The fashion keeps on changing all the time. Therefore, if the company wants to stay relevant and be successful it should upgrade the quality and the styles all the time. The company can also introduce its own social media channel that would advertise and give information about Polo products. It would also enable people to purchases the products online through the website. The company may also make it cheaper than other websites in order to encourage people to log into their social media. It should also introduce promotions while making advertisement in order to encourage people to buy its products. In addition, the company should enhance its business by employing designers from different countries. This will encourage different ideas regarding the fashion in different countries. The dynamic fashion can encourage people to choose from dynamic styles. It would also help the company to realize the needs of different companies, thus, creating more business ideas about fashions and styles in different countries.

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