North Korea

June 15, 2021

There are many national security challenges facing the United States in the 21st century. Some of the security challenges include Iran, North Korea, and terrorism. However, North Korea poses the maximum threat to the security of the United States. Hence, the President needs to address the national security policy regarding North Korea.

For the past several years, the nuclear and missile tests have been conducted in North Korea, which threaten the security of the whole world. The testing of this kind of weaponry by North Korea in 2009 was seen as a provocation to the international community. Over the past two decades, Washington has tried to negotiate with the administration of North Korea to stop their nuclear program (Watson, 2008). However, the intense negotiations, which also involved other powerful countries to compel North Korea to halt their nuclear tests, have been unfruitful. This has caused a serious concern for the security of other countries, such as United States, since the intention of North Korea to build their nuclear weapons is not clear yet.

There are not any countries bordering North Korea that are capable of policing them. Therefore, this poses a threat to the state of security in the United States. As a nuclear power, it causes a greater danger to the United States than Iran. The main reason is that Iran has neighbours who are able to take this issue as a threat to them and handle it accordingly. For example, the Arab nations neighbouring Iran will not overlook the nuclear threat of this country and, therefore, they will take instant actions to prevent Iran from succeeding in their malicious actions. On the other hand, North Korea lacks capable neighbours, and, therefore, it is able to pursue its nuclear ambitions without opposition. Hence, this brings into perception the need for involvement of the United States.

Currently, North Korea is threatening to attack the United States, and this may have a disastrous effect on the Americans. Even though, their attacks are said to be small, they are still capable of spreading radiation and causing a lot of damages. Moreover, their well-assembled missiles can reach some parts of the United States such as the State of Alaska. Hence, any attack launched by North Korea will have a negative impact on the United States. Therefore, the President ought to take the issue of North Korea as a serious national security challenge and address it immediately.

The secretive nature of the government of North Korea makes it unpredictable to know what to expect from them. Its government is structured in a way that one has to take an oath of secrecy before being engaged in the military activities of the government. There are dire consequences for anyone who does not comply with the military laws of the country. The main challenge with North Korea is determining the kind of military plans they are undertaking (Worden, 2008). Although North Korea requires food supplies from other friendly countries, there are still pending questions, namely what the intentions of these friendly nations are. If the allies support the North Korea’s nuclear program or not, is a question to be dealt with the United States’ security organs. This situation requires from the President of the United States to consider this as the major security challenge to the country.

North Korea is the sole country in the world which has confirmed that it possesses nuclear weapon. Therefore, it poses the major security threat to the United States due to the fact that it has confirmed the speculative news all over the international media. Throughout the recent history, North Korea has proved to be an unstoppable force to consider regarding the national security. It managed to torment South Korea and made them vulnerable.

North Korea poses a formidable security challenge to the United States due to its irrationality. Compared to other potential threats, such as Iran, North Korea appears to be a less rational player in the world of politics. It is behaving in a way that the United States and other world players find it hard to understand what they intend to do. Sometimes, the president of North Korea seems to be attracting the attention of the world paying any attention to the face, if he is passing a positive message or a negative one. All he requires from the other countries is to acknowledge that his country is a superpower that can easily dismantle any nation. This kind of attitude is what the president of the United States should not ignore. Dealing with such a country with a conceited president will be a difficult task concerning the national security policy of the country.

North Korea has also managed to convince the rest of the world that it held Seoul as a “hostage”. In case the United States decides to attack North Korea, the latter will simply bomb Seoul and cause massive damages to the South Koreans living in their capital city. This poses a critical security challenge to the President of the United States. Therefore, he has to decide amiably how to deal with North Korea.

In conclusion, the President of the United States should perceive North Korea as the major concern regarding the national security policy of his country. His government needs to adopt national security policies that will address the security challenges posed by the government of North Korea. Hence, the President needs to address this major security challenge immediately.