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Autumn Holidays | Best Places To Visit In The Fall

fall destinations

September 26, 2017

If you are planning a trip but not sure what are the best places to go in autumn, you are welcome to have a look at some best touristic fall destinations aimed at helping people to choose something new, extraordinary, which matches their interests and preferences. Pick up some unique and beautiful place to visit during your vacation in autumn from the list below.

  1. Madagascar

    Madagascar is considered to be one of the best places to go in autumn. Reason №1: it is off school holidays season. Reason №2: the weather is getting warmer. Reason №3: the wildlife is in its breeding period. Hence, September, October and November are excellent months of year to enjoy beautiful beaches and experience completely new feelings while observing Madagascar’s flora and fauna. Would you like to see baby lemurs, humpback whales and other endemic species, then visit that marvelous island!

  2. Greece

    Greece is another place of sheer pleasure in autumn. During this time, Greece stands out with its no more crowded beaches, still warm sea and harvests of olives and grapes. It is a perfect time for visiting Greece’s wineries, raki festivals as well as getting to know Greek countryside at its best.

  3. Switzerland

    Switzerland is good for visiting any season of year. However, if you are keen on hiking, Switzerland is definitely a place to go in September. Exactly this month is considered to be the best one for various outdoor activities, including high altitude hiking.

  4. Nepal

    Nepal in autumn is a hot season for tourists. Why? Because the pollution, which was stuck in the air, has been already washed by monsoon rains, the weather is neither cold nor hot, all the peaks and mountains are visible and you can go trekking without obstacles on your way. Also two major festivals Dasain and Tihaar take place during the fall season. However, be ready for higher than usual prices. Try to plan your trip to Nepal in advance.

  5. Scotland

    Scotland with its Scottish Highland and amazing landscapes is a nice place to meet a golden autumn with a huge diversity of its autumnal colors. The stunning shades of autumn foliage, though, are not the sole reason to go to Scotland sometime in October or November. Indulge yourself in local delicious food, which comprises the menu of jams, desserts, lamb, game, and seafood for affordable price.

  6. Italy

    Italy, which is known for its famous touristic destinations all over the world, is also considered to be a country one can travel to all year round. As for autumn, it is not less convenient season of year to visit this diverse Bel Paese. Take advantage of less scorching days, smaller crowds, cheaper prices, seasonal harvests of olives and grapes as well as celebrate local food and wine festivals (called sagra) together with inhabitants of Italy.

Do you still hesitate, which country to select to spend your autumn holidays? Choose one of the destinations from the recommended above and we guarantee that you won’t regret your decision.