Writing an Essay

You can see a list of ten sequential steps to writing an essay below. If you want to see more detailed information about any step, just click on the links, or you might find it easier to use the navigation bar on the left. This paper, which orderly explains the process of writing an essay, can be either explored by an individual topic or viewed as a logical sequence of certain steps.

The first thing to do is become an expert in the topic of your essay. Using different sources of information, such as Internet, literature, academic databases, will definitely help writing an essay.

Having studied the subject properly, analyze other works and essays related to yours. Define the structure, main claims, evidence. Look at the arguments presented and evaluate them in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. Being able to analyze such kind of information would serve a very good basis for writing your own quality essay.

As any creative work, essay writing requires having what is called insights. It is your own ideas that would inspire the entire work. It might take some time but it is an essential aspect of a good essay.

After having come up with such ideas, sit and focus on organizing them into your thesis. Thesis can be thought of as the main point, what you want your readers to understand and follow from the very beginning. Having a clear thesis is a key to writing a worthy essay, especially writing an essay for college or university.

Next thing to do is organize the structure of your paper. To make it easier, name each paragraph with a one-line sentence that would show its main bullet point. Make sure the order of such points is logical. If there is something you do not like about the way your structure looks, you can always play with it by changing places of paragraphs.

Every paragraph has to uncover one of your points about the thesis. Evidence in support of it has to be presented logically and clearly. Try to imagine that you are talking to a real person and try to persuade him that your position is worthy. You may even think of this process as talking an essay.

When you have stated your points, it is always a good thing to sum everything up in a few words. To finish your essay more elegantly, you might want to add some famous quote or ask your reader a philosophical question to think about.

After writing essay paper projects, always remember to format it. Pay special attention to the way you cite different sources. There are specific guidelines of how it must be done. All of the used materials have to be cited both within the text and at the end with a reference list.

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