How to Write a Research Report

What is research report writing? How to write a research report? We all know it well. It is often felt like struggling a big, horrible monster in a form of several pages with footnotes. But if you compose and follow your plan from the very beginning, you’ll compose a research report you can be proud of.

Divide your time

As alluring as it may seem at the beginning of writing (therefore, you can do it), writing a research report of good quality begins before you start composing stellar sentences. First, you’ll require brainstorming a topic, then moving on to research.

In order not to become exhausted with writing a research report, you’ll require a certain period of time for each step. On the date the task to write a research report is given, use a calendar to plan work with the custom paper for every day.

Divide your time into a number of parts, make a calendar, and put it somewhere you can see it all the time. You can divide the time as you like, but it is good to estimate it like this:

  • 10% Brainstorming
  • 25% Researching and making notes
  • 20% Creating an outline
  • 25% Writing
  • 15% Checking and polishing

So, if you need to write the paper during one month, you might spend nearly 3 days on brainstorming, a week both on researching and writing, and from 5 to 6 days both on your outline and on revision.

Making an outline is one of the tasks

An outline is a kind of map that will help you not to get lost when you start writing. In the outline, you organize the questions you are going to answer and the data and subtopics you are going to cover in your custom paper. It’s a tool that helps you, not another assignment to do. You can compose an outline in different ways, and it is useful to try out different methods to see what is the best. Here are several examples:

  • Term Paper Writing. Terrence prefers to spend much time on his outline in order to make it completely specific, including even the quotes used. To his opinion, the more detailed the outline is, the easier the essay is to write. For example, for his paper about Sally Ride, the first American woman in outer space, he included a note discussing the specifics of what she did on her first mission – implemented the mechanical arm she created to capture and deploy satellites, finished more than 40 experiments – and to be more specific with a quote from Ride stating that what Sally Ride remembers most about the first mission “is that it was fun.” The outline is very detailed. Therefore, writing the paper looks like filling in the blanks.
  • Research Project Writing. Rachel makes outlines differently. She studies her research and composes a list of broad subtopics to be covered. For her, a custom paper about rhinoceri (you know, it means more than one rhinoceros) she is going to list things like: their place of living, common food – mostly vegetables, rhinoceri are vegetarians – however, Rachel does not outline smaller details. She likes to structure the paper as she writes and revises. She studies what she has already done as then decides on the next thing to write. Usually, the structure of earlier parts is changed. In comparison to Terrence, she spends much more time on writing and revising, but less time on the outline itself.
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